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the new hex-5 residents | (+_+):(+_+)

The Hex-5 aquarium was long overdue for a routine cleaning. Currently occupying the tank were two red wag platys and two balloon belly mollies. Once the water cleared after being vacuumed, a filter/water change, and a heavy scrubbing to remove algae, a couple new additions appeared flittering around.

Only two baby mollies have been discovered so far. We were worried that others may have been injured or vacuumed during the cleaning but hopefully not. We’ll see if these little guys make it to adulthood. They hang out in the rocks below and play dead but zip around otherwise. +2 in the Hex-5! =)

  1. Baby balloon belly molly chilling in the rocks below.
  2. Same molly, different angle.
  3. Baby molly (probably the same one) hanging out behind algae clinging on the glass on the right edge.
  4. Same molly, closer.

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