the hybrid video recorder

I’ve been looking for a USB device or special video card that will allow me to watch and record antenna TV on my computer since the DTV transition. I found this one this weekend on sale. For a little more than forty bucks after the rebate, I can watch high definition digital TV on my computer.

I watch plenty of TV programming, but I don’t need cable or satellite to get the shows I watch regularly. Why should I spend hundreds of dollars a year on a TV service when all of the shows I keep up with can travel through my antenna, streamed on Hulu, or found amongst the torrent community?

This hybrid video recorder is packaged with a USB extension cable since its shape can obstruct a nearby USB port. It also comes with a portable digital antennae and software to run the adapter. The software allows you to turn your computer in a DVR-like device where you can set it to record your shows at certain times.

Instead of needing a television set to watch your shows, you can just plug this HDTV adapter into your computer. This brings a new layer to multi-tasking. You won’t have to turn your head to see the TV. If I had this device, then I would not have to miss America’s Game since I have class during that time now Mondays thru Thursdays. I can just schedule my notebook to record the show and watch it after class. So 2010!

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