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the 640gb portable hard drive for $100

To netbook and notebook enthusiasts, portability is a priority on the list of requirements that additional devices should provide. The Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive keeps this in mind with its sleek and compact design.
One of the biggest advantages of these external hard drives is that the power source is combined with the USB […]

the trouble with misplacing your keys

Before I go to bed during the work week, I go through a mental checklist to make sure that everything is in its right place when I wake up and get ready for work in the morning. The checklist is pretty typical to most people employed full-time and includes:

setting the alarm clock (two in my […]

the healthy dreams germ-fighter pillow

The bed and pillows you sleep on is a mini-ecosystem. A recent study out of England suggests that pillows harbor dangerous bacteria and fungus. Bedrooms are a huge source of indoor air pollution and in the top three dirtiest places in the home.

On a typical pillow, you can find human skin cells, bodily secretions and […]

the acer netbook + windows 7

Wireless signals flood the air to accommodate the mobile world always on the go. Most technophiles these days are equipped with either a smartphone or a netbook under $200 (or around that price) if they need to travel around with their geek gear.
Acer has an attractive line of netbooks on sale right now. These puppies […]

the revolutionary new alternative to smoking

The Premium Electronic Cigarette™ introduces a brand new way of enjoying cigarettes and smoking without the awful smell, high expenses, and inconvenience to those around you. No tar. No tobacco. No carcinogens. No ash. No smell. No flame. The e cigarette is a demonstration of today’s technology.
How does it work? Air flows through the device […]

the lords of sound | guitar center interview with the lord-alge brothers

Producers and recording engineers get much praise for how a record sounds, but much of that credit should really go to mixing engineers, who transform raw performances into the polished final product.
Two mixing engineers in particular – the brothers Chris and Tom Lord-Alge — deserve much praise for crafting the sound of hundreds of influential […]

the saturday morning itis from taqueria montenegro

For the past several months now, Mare&I have a Saturday morning ritual of going to Taqueria Montenegro for the best barbacoa tacos and beef fajita tortas in Austin. The tortas are toasted and filled with marinated beef, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole. The taste and texture is incomparable to anything I’ve ever eaten in my life. […]