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the acer netbook + windows 7

Wireless signals flood the air to accommodate the mobile world always on the go. Most technophiles these days are equipped with either a smartphone or a netbook under $200 (or around that price) if they need to travel around with their geek gear.

Acer has an attractive line of netbooks on sale right now. These puppies aren’t the subnotebooks you might have seen a couple years ago. They’re loaded with specs that rival their full-size counterparts while delivering excellent battery life with mobility-conscious enhancements.

With the Intel® Atom™ processor combined with the Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express chipset, sufficient processing power fuels these netbooks to run your everyday programs. Web-browsing, email, and popular software suites like Microsoft Office run surprisingly well on Acer netbooks.

1GB of RAM resides inside to keep your system from bogging down, and memory management is handled optimally with the latest and greatest OS from the Microsoft crew, Windows 7. Wireless capability, a LAN port for those who still plug in, memory card readers, an 89% keyboard, three USB 2.0 ports, a multi-gesture touchpad, a 10.1″ LED backlit screen, a VGA port, and a built-in webcam are just some of the features packed into these little guys.

Smartphones can’t do everything that desktops and notebooks are designed to do. Netbooks are the future generation of computers that provide similar functionality like executing those crucial programs and necessary tasks that can’t run on smartphones. If you looking for an excellent solution to mobile computing, then explore Acer netbooks to find your match.


Comment from Leon Murray
Time: 27 May 2010, 19:00

Mobile computing is on the rise these days. Maybe we will get a dual core powered cellphones in the future.’-:

Comment from Sara Foster
Time: 26 July 2010, 10:34

mobile computing nowadays is not yet very powerful compared to netbooks but time will come that it would become like that.*”-

Comment from Mohammad Murphy
Time: 12 September 2010, 11:13

mobile computing always have a growing trend in the succeding years:,,

Comment from Melatonin Dosage 
Time: 13 October 2010, 1:45

mobile computing is the future of personal computers, we want more portable and mobile pc’s”.

Comment from Gear Knobs :
Time: 24 October 2010, 12:56

we would likely see an increase in the demand for mobile computing in the years to come~**

Comment from Pine Desk
Time: 20 December 2010, 12:41

we need some smaller and energy efficient microprocessors to support mobile computing **`

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