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the trouble with misplacing your keys

Before I go to bed during the work week, I go through a mental checklist to make sure that everything is in its right place when I wake up and get ready for work in the morning. The checklist is pretty typical to most people employed full-time and includes:

  • setting the alarm clock (two in my case: the actual alarm clock that gets the beatdown when it goes off in the morning and the alarm on my cell phone that cuddles with me during that last hour of rest as I hit snooze on it when it goes off and on multiple times during that hour)
  • getting the pocket residents together to go back in my pocket: keys, wallet, mp3 players, headphones

Last night, I didn’t do everything on my checklist mainly putting my wallet and keys in their specific location for easy retrieval. When I was ready to leave for work this morning, I couldn’t find my keys. I drove to work using a spare key but didn’t have my access key to get into the building so I had to ring the doorbell to have someone let me in.

On my ~8am break, I put on my jacket, went outside, and reached for the spare to get into my car and pulled out my keys. Ha.

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