the power of wireless n + usb

With media files increasing in size and bandwidth speeds getting faster, upgrading your hardware connection to the outside world has never been easier with a Wireless N USB adapter. Whether you have an older notebook or want to make your desktop PC wireless, this wireless adapter from TRENDnet is currently on sale for $20 with free shipping.

Data transfer can be slow, sluggish, and unreliable with Wireless B and G connections. 802.11n is the latest addition to the wireless standards family and supports a transfer speed just as fast as having a wired connection. Forget the hassle of running a network cable from one room to another or installing RJ45 jacks in the wall. Don’t bother opening your desktop to install a wireless card. Those are tasks of the past that are unnecessary today.

Just invest a crisp Andy Jack on a wireless USB adapter, plug it into a USB port, and let your OS take care of the rest. Once your wireless network is found, enter your super secret WPA key and now you can stream your large DVD images without a glitch. Make sure you’re packing Wireless N otherwise you’re two-thousand late.

Most notebooks purchased these days are equipped with Wireless N capability. Keep up with the times and make sure all of your computer systems have this standard. If not, then you know the solution is simply getting a TRENDnet Wireless N USB adapter and plugging it in. No need for a screwdriver, Cat-6 cables, or cutting holes in your wall for RJ45 jacks. Upgrading doesn’t get any easier than this.

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