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Notebooks have revolutionized the computing world by providing a device portable enough to take anywhere while being able to run the applications to satisfy your everyday computing needs. Similar to how desktops are usually equipped with additional devices like speakers, printers, and flat-panel monitors, notebooks have their own set of must-have accessories.

The touchpad is useful when a flat surface is unavailable, but I’m not completely satisfied with its ease versus a wireless optical mouse. Microsoft has a popular mouse made for especially for traveling around with notebooks on sale for $17. The advantages of this mouse over a traditional mouse and perhaps a touchpad are summed up here.

Portability is the main factor with the design. Wireless means not having a wire to tangle or trip over and keeps your setup looking clean. If you’re floating around with a wireless network connection, then shouldn’t you keep the wires to a minimum? The only wire that has to exist is the AC adapter in case your battery life doesn’t cut it.

Optical means not having a ball to move the cursor around and getting jammed up with dust, dander, and other random particles that can affect the performance. The scroll wheel is also a necessity when browsing the web. Some notebooks are ill-equipped with decent scroll capability which is another reason why a wireless optical mouse is beneficial.

Comfort and ease of use are necessary with today’s notebooks and netbooks. Rather than battle your touchpad with your fingertips, consider owning a mouse for your notebook to enhance your computing experience.

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