the memory demands of today’s applications

On Sunday, my friends and I watched Boondock Saints II using a DVD ISO streamed over my home network and viewed on my HDTV using my PS3. The ISO had to be transcoded with the PS3 Media Server software installed on my Debian system. We noticed some intermittent issues with the audio which was not a big deal but should be resolved.

I only have 1GB of RAM on the file server which I upgraded almost four years ago. The PS3 Media Server application is a memory hog, and I am looking into upgrading the system memory so ISOs can be transcoded better with a bigger buffer available that only uses physical memory.

When I purchase memory, I usually go with Kingston. Their reputation for manufacturing high-quality chips is well-known in the enthusiast community. Their “Lexus/Acura/Infiniti” line of RAM is the HyperX series which I currently use in my file server. A 4GB (2x2GB) memory kit of Kingston HyperX is currently on sale for $111. That’s less than $30 a gig which is actually pretty good for today’s prices.

If you’re going to keep up with the system demands of today’s applications, then a memory upgrade may be necessary and most likely much less expensive than purchasing a whole new unit. Always check the compatibility with your system when buying memory, because chips are available in all different sizes and speeds.

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