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the extra portable 4gb usb flash drive

The world of portable electronics keeps shrinking… literally. If you like to travel around with your netbook and require an easy way to get data off it to either share with someone or print something off, then the Kingston 4GB DataTraveler mini slim USB flash drive on sale for $10 is calling your name.

USB flash drives have become very affordable for the amount of data they hold these days. Although their design already makes them pocket-size solutions, this particular model is the next level in the DataTraveler.

Do you want to print off some digital photos at a kiosk to frame or put on the fridge? Just copy them to your mini USB flash drive and take them to be printed. Don’t waste your time or your CD-Rs burning the data.

Maybe you’d like to share some music or video files with a friend and want to transfer them as fast as possible. The speed of USB 2.0 will let you do this quickly and efficient. You risk a glitch in the connection when sharing wirelessly and would have to start the process all over again. Plus, think about how long it’d take to transfer 4GB over a network versus copying them using your DataTraveler from one machine to another.

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