the easy way to backup your vinyl

Vinyl fanatics and archive enthusiasts can preserve their vinyl collections with a USB turntable from Innovative Technology. Digitizing your records will allow you to transfer your files to your favorite MP3 player and also add them to your existing digital collection.

The wave of the future has arrived where collectors are converting their vinyl records, cassettes, VHS tapes, and DVDs to file formats that can be stored on large hard drives making them easier to share, organize and access. By backing up your records with a USB turntable, your records will stay in optimal condition from not being played too often and retain their value as gems in your music collection or the next owner’s.

Turntables can be difficult to locate for reasonable prices, but the Innovative Technology ITUT-201 is currently on sale for $50. You probably won’t be able to find a USB turntable for this excellent price any time soon. Not only do you have the ability to play your wax on this turntable, you can output the audio to your computer and cut the tracks with the included Audacity editing and recording software.

If you’re thinking about collecting vinyl or need to replace your old turntable, then consider this inexpensive solution to fulfill your audiophilia. The thought of lugging around a crate full of records is redonculous with the portable audio devices that flood the electronics market today. Whether you have singles or albums exclusively released on vinyl or just searching for the most efficient way to convert your record collection, this popular device should be the next addition to your arsenal. Something tells me that vinyl elitists are going to hear about this deal very soon if they haven’t already, so you’d better act quick before they sell out.

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