the 2tb hard drive and dock bundle

Hard drives are continuously getting larger and less expensive, so a lack of disk space isn’t really a burden to anyone these days. Filling up a 2TB hard drive with new data would take some effort from an average user.

Data integrity and reliability are important factors in maintaining a high-quality digital filing system. Two hard drives on a RAID dock provide a step above everyday storage. This precaution may seem like a costly upgrade, but an easy setup like this will cost around as much as getting the hard drives themselves.

Hard drives can be hot-swapped to have a rotation of storage with a USB 2.0 dock. If you deal with crazy amounts of data, then you might be burdened with hard drives all over the place. $160 will get you a 2TB SATA II hard drive and a 2-bay hot-swappable dock to get you started on the road to building up an even bigger data collection.

Storage issues are nearly obsolete with larger capacities being readily available and on sale. Once you’ve filled a terabyte, then you’re ready to fill another one. All of your documents, music, photos, video, and miscellaneous files will all fit on a 2TB hard drive and then some.

the victory of dan pawson

This is my all-time favorite episode of Jeopardy that has ever aired: the final round of the 2009 Tournament of Champions with Dan Pawson vs Larissa Kelly vs Aaron Schroeder. The round took an interesting turn of events during Final Jeopardy that resulted in Dan Pawson winning the tournament. However, Larissa Kelly is the biggest winner of Season 24 as well as breaking multiple Jeopardy records.


the bizarro url shortener is one of the more well-known URL shorteners among the Twitter community. TinyURL is another popular URL shortening service. TinyURL. The main purpose of a URL shortener is to conserve characters which is very useful for tweeting due to the the 140-character limit.

These two services have been used so much that the URLs have grown.’s shortened URL is currently up to 20 characters, and TinyURLs have reached 26 characters. Many other URL shorteners populate the webosphere, but one in particular has caught my attention.

This unique URL shortener is fairly new to the scene and provides Bitly-size URLs. Just plug in your long URL and a compact URL is immediately delivered to share in tweets, email, and txt messages. If you’re searching for a simple URL shortener from another universe, then you’re a click away.