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the luther in austin

We affectionately refer to this magnificent combination of meat, cheese, and donut as a “Luther” after the hilarious episode of The Boondocks where the community becomes hooked on burgers made with a sliced donut used as a bun.
The Morning X recently had the owners of The Trailer at Gibson on as guests to showcase their […]

the 1978 bullet strat used on gish

Billy talks about one of the first S.P. guitars.

the green stink bug

Acrosternum hilare
This critter was found on the carpet near my power strip.
How it got there? I don’t know.

the 30gb solid state drive for under $80

Kingston is well-known for their high-quality memory solutions, and their solid state drives are no exception. This newer design in permanent storage is becoming mainstream in mobile computing replacing the traditional hard drive.
With no moving mechanical parts and a SATA interface, SSDNow drives provide faster and more reliable data transfer. They also use less energy […]

the golden ratio

My first semester back in school after a very long time has finally concluded, and this is the first week since Spring Break that I’ll be mostly free to do what I want to do with my time after work. What am I going to do? Play catch-up, of course.
With my weekdays spent working in […]

the samsung led hdtv price drop

The time has arrived when the older TV models go on sale to make room for the newer models. Samsung unveiled their LED TV a couple years ago with a hefty price tag attached. With the 3D models being the hot items right now, finding a 1080p LED HDTV for an irresistible price is only […]

the purpose of glowworms

You know that feeling you get when the blocks are stacked high in Tetris and you’re about to lose but you try your best to save yourself? Is that how my life is going? Nope. Life to me right now is one Tetris after another.
My last day of the Spring semester is tomorrow. I have […]