the 30gb solid state drive for under $80

Kingston is well-known for their high-quality memory solutions, and their solid state drives are no exception. This newer design in permanent storage is becoming mainstream in mobile computing replacing the traditional hard drive.

With no moving mechanical parts and a SATA interface, SSDNow drives provide faster and more reliable data transfer. They also use less energy and create less noise and heat making them a greener solution in storage. The shock resistance makes them more reliable and longer lasting than standard hard drives.

For new technology and enough disk space for your operating system and application software, this is a great deal for any computer that supports SATA and could use a boost in performance. Drive failure is unacceptable. With a life expectancy of 500,000 hours mean time before failure, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your data will be around for the life of your computer or even longer.

Included in this bundle are the cables, the solid state drive, mounting brackets for desktops, and software to transfer data from your existing hard drive quickly and easily. This drive also comes with a 3-year warranty. They’re currently on sale for $103 but include a $30 rebate + free shipping dropping the total price to under $80. Place your order now because they will sell out at this price.

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