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the homemade luther burgers

Homemade Luther Burgers
Recipe makes 4 servings.

1½ pounds of Ground Chuck
4 slices of Bacon
4 slices of Medium Cheddar Cheese
4 Glazed Donuts
Kosher salt, fresh ground Black Pepper, HBDlux

Friday’s Oven Method
(more convenient than grilling)

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Form ground chuck into 4 patties. Season to taste.
Place patties on a grill with baking sheet underneath. Bake for 35-40 minutes […]

the 375gb of storage for only $20

Your data collection is stacking high. The DVD+R spindles and disc wallets have been cluttering for years. Consider a modern, inexpensive and more portable solution to storing your most important files. Blu-ray is the new mainstream form of storage which have garnered popularity as the replacement for DVD’s.
The usual cheap DVD recordable discs store a […]

the neon tsetse fly

Howdy, Summer. Your UV rays and unbearable heat have returned. grrr.
My summer learning session is halfway over. These weeks go by fast, and the weekends only go by faster. All I do is sleep, work, learn, think, view, brainstorm, plan, participate, design, and respect these days. That’s A-OK. I’m sure that’s not all I do, […]

the necessary road trip companion

Whenever we take a road trip, we make sure that an FM radio transmitter is in our vehicle. Shuffling around CDs is an outdated form of listening to music quickly on the way to joining cassettes and 8-tracks.
Almost every music connoisseur that walks the planet owns an MP3 player whether its a pocket-sized device like […]

the june bugs return

This June bug was buzzing around the corner of the living room behind the fish tank.
June already?

the elimination of standby power

The old saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” An easy way to save money is to optimize your use of electricity. With the country thinking “greener,” energy conservation has been an ongoing trend lately.
Eliminating standby power using a surge protector with remote switch is a simple solution that will help reduce your […]

the summer of cognitive enhancement

This past 3-day weekend was very relaxing and much needed. To make my hours at work, I had to work a couple extra hours each day this workweek. Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday. This weekend’s gonna be extra busy then back to the usual grind too soon after.
My 9-week summer session started up this week. I’m […]