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Whenever we take a road trip, we make sure that an FM radio transmitter is in our vehicle. Shuffling around CDs is an outdated form of listening to music quickly on the way to joining cassettes and 8-tracks.

Almost every music connoisseur that walks the planet owns an MP3 player whether its a pocket-sized device like an iPod, a mobile computer, a smartphone, or a media center. Not every car has an auxiliary port. This is where the FM radio transmitter bridges today’s electronics with the tried and true functionality of a car stereo system.

This useful device powers on with two AAA batteries or the included  cigarette lighter with an adapter. The stereo jack plugs into your MP3 player where your headphones usually go. Turn on the radio in your car. Tune the radio to the station set on the transmitter. Press play on your MP3 player, and your custom radio station fills the airwaves around you.

Is an actual radio station interrupting your better music? Press the button on the transmitter and select an open frequency. Your CD player now exists only to collect dust. Your entire music collection can be digitized and downloaded to your super cool MP3 player and you can beam the superior sounds through your car stereo with a transmitter.

A must-have toy like this might cost somewhere around $10-$20 since that seems to be the asking price these days for add-on gadgets of this magnitude. Try the marvelous sale price of $4.99. Not only that, it’ll be shipped directly to you for no extra charge.

If you own an automobile and an MP3 player, then you must own an FM radio transmitter. Not having one in your G-ride is the only shortcoming keeping you from being able to enjoy every MP3 you own while you’re behind the wheel or riding along.

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