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Do you needs terabytes of data stored in an inexpensive and consistent manner? DVD+R backups are one of the easiest solutions for backing up large amounts of data. Using CD-R media may be insufficient in regards to the time necessary to create the backups and the storage capacity of the discs.

Whether you have DVD ISO files that need to be stored in another location or an immense amount of data that is constantly updated and requires regular backups, a 100 pack spindle of DVD+R media is probably the least expensive, most portable, and most compatible way of transporting data other than beaming the ones and zeroes over a secure network.

Imagine this scenario. A flood destroys your computer equipment, and the only backups you kept were on magnetic hard drives. The water wets their moving parts and short circuits the device. The data can only be restored by sending it to a data recovery lab, and that is probably more than you’d want to spend unless you have irreplaceable data that absolutely must be recovered.

If this data was routinely backed up onto DVD+R media on sale for $18, then the water-resistant, non-magnetic material that comprises this physical storage could have provided a harder, better, faster, and stronger backup solution if an offsite data center wasn’t already established.

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