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Two words: Hurry. Up.

The Netbooks Under $200 sale is back with limited stock, and students going back to school are about to buy them all up. These popular machines do everything smartphones can and then some.

If you can run all of your day-to-day online and other computer-related activities with a hand-held device, then bravo. Consider yourself special. The majority of us caught in the interweb need a notebook computer or desktop setup to fulfill our complete computing experience.

This is a decent set of hardware for a couple hundred bucks: an Intel mobile processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, 10.1″ screen, a near standard-sized keyboard, and wireless capabilities. You paid how much for that pop tart you beat with your thumbs all day? Can it run Adobe Creative Suite? Microsoft Office?

Most people that rely on a computer to complete their life benefit from owning a netbook. A dilemma that often arises requiring access to a popular search engine can always be solved with flipping open a Eee PC and accessing the internet faster and more dependable than their pocket-sized cousins that clog up exclusive, often-congested networks.

Smart shoppers needing their netbook fix will have already jumped on these puppies before you started reading this. The Eee PC netbook series has remained a top seller in the mobile computing department. The geek chic emanates from sporting a netbook is a symbol of the technology surrounding us today. [:ha:]

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