the back to school flash drive sale |

When I was growing up, computers weren’t really a mainstay in grade school. We had a computer lab where we would play Oregon Trail and other assorted educational games stored on 5ΒΌ” floppy disks. We’d use Big Chief paper in the earlier years to write sentences and wide-ruled paper to write essays in the latter years. Junior high was when I first remember typing papers on a computer and printing them out on a dot matrix printer to turn in for a grade.

Today, the kids and computers have collided to make modern technology necessary in the current educational institution. Everything from educational software to word-processing programs have become much more advanced in the past ten years. Who knows how teaching would have evolved if it wasn’t for computers teaching the today’s teachers now teaching today’s youth.

Data storage has also changed from floppy disks to Zip disks to writable compact discs to now flash drives. One flash drive can last a student his entire grade school career. SanDisk has a 4GB solution on sale for only $9. Add flash drives to your children’s school supply list because they’ll need something to store all of the papers they write and projects they work on. The Back To School sale is in full swing, and the best prices on technology are going on right now.

the psyche rummage

This is my last Monday before I take on sixteen weeks of a computer-immersed all-day nightmare buffet. Anything productive I do except read comics involves the machines that coexist with us every single second we spend in this parallel. We easily spot those notebooks with those square buttons and flat squares that glow and those boxes that hum with wires attached to another glowing square, but how about all the little ones in appliances and other electronic devices? I don’t have the energy to really get into it. Bedtime.

I’m watching Hard Candy. I remember this movie being a dialog-driven situational mindf–k, and it’s getting that way as this is being typed in another window on the same screen ’cause the JW199D pwnz.

I’ve been doing more relaxing than usual these past couple weeks, but that only means I’ve only left slightly bigger gaps in the whole to-do. I look forward to the next learning phase in the Fall, the second to the last, the heart of what I need to move forward along in my career path (and hopefully some better weather alongside).

The point in my life where I have an idea of what I’m going to do with myself is closer than ever. That happier repetition is just around the corner. A little more mini-golf, a continued indulgence in Texas BBQ and chicken wings, the growth of what has already been going on for decades now: my abstract? Ellen Page’s teenage character in Hard Candy has gone berserk on the guy tied to the chair, and he’s screaming for help.

When I punch the keys, I’m working. Makin’ it rain… peanuts. Actually, it’s much better than I expected ’cause the 4th anniversary of this psyche rummage is next week. Ha! Peace out.

the digitized memories |

The digital camera is an electronic necessity in American culture these days. Whether you want to capture memories, venture into amateur photography, or explore your creative side, a Pentax Optio E90 digital camera might be the instrument you’ve been seeking.

Film is so far in the past that many places that once processed film no longer do so. You don’t even need to print photographs or maintain photo albums nowadays. Pictures are captured, saved and organized digitally. With a sale tag of $80 with free shipping, you can own a 10.1 megapixel point and shoot camera to take an endless amount of photographs.

Sure, your smartphone has a camera built-in, but how good is the resolution? Maybe you don’t need all the detail provided by a device whose sole purpose is to take digital pictures in high-definition. Digital cameras maintain their popularity, because photo enthusiasts like owning a camera to take pictures that they can enjoy, sort, and share with their loved ones.

If you’re searching for a camera built with quality materials and takes sharp pictures without having to spend time tweaking settings all day, a Pentax digital camera may be a perfect match for you. The SDHC card support ensures that you’ll have the storage you need to take photographs of anything and everything for years.

the volatility of humans being robots

Today was as relaxing as a day could get. Tomorrow begins the routine of waking up around six in the morning to get to work by seven in the morning and become one with the machine until three in the afternoon. Summer heat decided to show up later in the year, so the three-digit temperatures are here to make the outdoors during the day miserable. Mini-golf yesterday would have been so much more fun if the heat didn’t constantly make the sweat run into my eyes.

Every weekday between seven and three, my ears are filled with electronic listening instruments attached to a device that absorbs radio waves to fill my head with sounds of radio personalities talking about anything and hit songs being played over and over. Only a fraction of my skill set is used at my place of employment. I am not challenged, but I use my earnings to help sustain my everyday living. For now, I am OK with this.

the freedom of wireless for desktop computers |

Why run wires throughout your household when all of your computers can have benefit from the freedom of wireless networking? TRENDnet is a company popularized by their networking solutions. I have used is the only USB network adapters that turns a USB port into an RJ-45 jack that I am aware of.

For desktops, they have a wireless PCI adapter that has Wireless N capabilities. Data transfer is just as fast as using the usual home-grade network cables and wired interfaces. Installing and running a wired network in a multi-story house can be a headache and with this technology, completely unnecessary.

If you still like the feel of a bulky box with a large LCD display, keyboard, optical mouse, and a bomb stereo system to output your beats, then the last thing you need to bother with is a cable to attach the machine to the network for online access. These PCI adapters are reliable pieces of hardware that will make your humble abode look less “techie” and more like a home.

Anyone who is still using a desktop PC or Mac that they have owned for a handful of years most likely does not have this fast wireless capability. If you have thought of getting rid of the wires, then consider investing a twenty spot on this sale item. The low price of $20 beats the competition who have this same adapter priced at over $10 more. Save yourself the dough.