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Why run wires throughout your household when all of your computers can have benefit from the freedom of wireless networking? TRENDnet is a company popularized by their networking solutions. I have used is the only USB network adapters that turns a USB port into an RJ-45 jack that I am aware of.

For desktops, they have a wireless PCI adapter that has Wireless N capabilities. Data transfer is just as fast as using the usual home-grade network cables and wired interfaces. Installing and running a wired network in a multi-story house can be a headache and with this technology, completely unnecessary.

If you still like the feel of a bulky box with a large LCD display, keyboard, optical mouse, and a bomb stereo system to output your beats, then the last thing you need to bother with is a cable to attach the machine to the network for online access. These PCI adapters are reliable pieces of hardware that will make your humble abode look less “techie” and more like a home.

Anyone who is still using a desktop PC or Mac that they have owned for a handful of years most likely does not have this fast wireless capability. If you have thought of getting rid of the wires, then consider investing a twenty spot on this sale item. The low price of $20 beats the competition who have this same adapter priced at over $10 more. Save yourself the dough.

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  1. desktop computers these days gets obsolete the day that they are shipped considering how fast technology updates;.:

  2. desktop computers with Intel i5 cores are the best because they are very very fast and great for multitasking -;`

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