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the junk drawer

I’ve been updating this soapbox for over four years now.

On a related note: Happy Belated 4th Birthday, Modern Soapbox!

This medium of communication that I will always praise has become a junk drawer since I first established it as a storage device for my memories, rants, and other assorted bursts of pseudo-creativity. Many other word compositions are stored throughout this collection, but I have not forgotten about it and have no idea when I will. I vow to update this at least once a month, since it’s something I’ve kept up with for a while now. Think about this. If Modern Soapbox was a human child, it would be enrolled in pre-kindergarten now. What a thought.

Speaking of human children, my goddaughter is a beautiful being that was baptized last month. I’ll be seeing her again next month when Mary & I do one of our “get outta town for weekend” trips. I’m not the best at keeping up with people that don’t keep up with me, but she’s an exception for obvious reasons.

The fall semester is in full swing. It’s a part-time job. I loathe my commutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because the most congested part of MoPac in central Austin is a force to be reckoned with. Quite honestly, it’s such a waste of time, but it’s for the cause, the bigger picture and necessary because that’s the only option for the path I’m following.

Well, it always seems like when I just need to compose a “padpost” that I end up writing longer than I should and then feeling like I want to do this more often in the future when I know I will only update this as much as I already do or even less. Time to make a little paper before I do my dreaded Tuesday commute.  T minus ~35 minutes. Peace out.

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