the march of the tortas

Unwrapping the foil to reveal a carefully sliced roll filled with bliss continues to be part of our Saturday morning routine. The tortas from Taqueria Montenegro remain the best tortas on this side of the universe.

The magical combination of marinated fajita beef, sliced onions, lettuce, guacamole, the trademark green sauce, and a twist of fresh lime juice inside a lightly-toasted sandwich roll will turn any average Saturday morning into an itis-filled average Saturday m0rning. If you are seeing one of these sandwiches sent from heaven for the first time, then you have discovered one of Austin’s best kept secrets.

the morning gutbomb AKA the breakfast luther

On March 13th after a Sunday morning stroll around Lady Bird Lake, M&I decided to make a quick stop to the donut shop. An idea popped into our heads to take our glazed donuts and fill them up with everyday breakfast items to create the Breakfast Luther. Scrambled eggs, thick-cut bacon, and mozzarella cheese stack on top of each other between a sliced donut. The contrast of salty and sweet found in traditional Luther burgers is remixed in this breakfast reincarnation.

the end of march already?!

I believe time flies when you stay busy. March has just flown by. I’ll do my best to update at least a few more times before April arrives, but I’m not making any promises. I’ve definitely been keeping busy with work and school. The days become weeks, and the weekends come and go. The act of being bored has no place in my schedule.

I find myself always having to do or take care of something and usually look forward to the next activity before the current one ends. I stay content with life having a full schedule, but I do crave doing next to nothing at times which isn’t necessarily being bored because doing next to nothing is actually doing something.

On that note, it’s time to do something else. At this moment, it’s watching the most current episode of Jeopardy. Peace out.