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This page was last updated July 5, 2012.

The Blog

Modern Soapbox chronicles life in general as well as thoughts, dreams, personal philosophies, and other subjects revolving around existence.

The Author

name: Sig
age: 30
location: Austin, Texas USA
sign: Aries
occupation: cog in a well-oiled machine
computers: five desktops, a notebook, an awesome game console, and a tablet – Diode (running Debian squeeze), c0rey foldman (running Ubuntu Hardy Heron), k0rma (living w/ the ‘rents), 1nertia, fivethirtysix (running Windows XP SP2), Yang (currently down), Playstation 3, and Pretentious (the iPad)
guitars: a Takamine GS330S acoustic guitar & an Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Mare Vitalis
mare’s machines: Churchill, Xylene, Magnolia, and Gerty (R.I.P.)
favorite music: mostly rock that was popularized in the ’90s
favorite foods: burgers & fries, Texan-style barbecue, tortas & quesadillas on Saturdays from Taqueria Montenegro, Italian cuisine, Mare’s cooking, tender steak grilled medium rare, Pho, and Thai.
favorite burger joint: Currently undecided. A home-cooked burger conquers all right now.
favorite coffee: Seattle Mountain
favorite pastimes: sleep, conversation, cooking, computers, coin collecting, comics, creativity, brainstorming, art, movies, collecting, digital archiving, and blasts to my past (see: Nickelodeon’s Doug)
favorite contemporary artists:
Dalí­ & Warhol
favorite movie: (off the top of my head) High Fidelity
favorite radio stations: 101X. Independent. Local. Alternative. & KUT 90.5 FM
favorite morning show: The Morning X with Jason and Deb
favorite podcast: The Adam Carolla Show
currently reading:
DVD English subtitles
current watching: Doug, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Workaholics, Louie
currently playing on PS3: downloaded TV shows + DVD ISOs with PS3 Media Server

shout-outs: Maribell, G Jack, Mom+Dad, Sel, Shita, Migs, Mr&MrsGonzo, Mr&MrsJH+Ava, Mr&MrsAerickG, Dougie Mike, EV&C, b00g, Ike & everyone else I still keep in touch with on a semi-regular basis.

RIP: Joe the Lovebird, Mos Eisley, Loner Dottie Rebel, Jupiter’s Lament, Revolution Ultra Blue, Ivory, Rooi, Sunset, December, Esteban, Mean Greenie, Anthem, A Betta Named Sue, Tangelo, Shimmer the Swimmer, Mighty Aphrodite, Asidious (“Sid”), Flem, Valentine (Mighty Aphrodite II), the gold Mickey Mouse platy who gave birth to ten babies, and all of the residents of the Hex 5 that are no longer with us today.
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