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the extra portable 4gb usb flash drive

The world of portable electronics keeps shrinking… literally. If you like to travel around with your netbook and require an easy way to get data off it to either share with someone or print something off, then the Kingston 4GB DataTraveler mini slim USB flash drive on sale for $10 is calling your name. USB […]

the gold coins + bullion

If you are interested in preserving your wealth by adding to your existing portfolio, then investing in gold coins and bullion is a step in the right direction. Precious metals play an important role in an investor’s portfolio. Gold has been considered valuable for thousands of years and still hold its place. The economic threats […]

the six-week body transformation by KettleWorX™

Following the Six-Week Body Transformation fitness program is easy and produces results. Working out with a kettlebell for only an hour a week and following this breakthrough program has changed the way I think about fitness. Each session gives me a whole body workout by incorporating cardio, core and resistance training. This is all done […]

the home + garden buying guide

Save yourself the headache of making a checklist to outfit your home and just check out Shopwiki’s comprehensive Home and Garden Buying Guide. Everything from the inside to the outside of your home can be found within the pages of this site. Save time by cruising around Shopwiki to price out everything you’ll want and […]

the importance of insurance

Living life in a metropolis without insurance is like waiting for a bomb to go off but you don’t know when. Accidents happen all the time, so having insurance is necessary. Searching for the best auto insurance quotes can be tedious but  finding the most for your money should be a priority in these tough […]

the human obsession over looks

Women tend to obsess over looks, but hey, that’s OK with me. That’s why they’re attractive. Contrary to most animals like butterflies and birds, female humans have switched roles with their male counterparts in looking good to attract attention. Looking good involves an outfit that matches from head to toe. Fashion has evolved over time, […]

the apple ibook for under $400

Apple is known for the sleek design of their products. The iBook is no exception. When you see an Apple notebook, you can tell it’s from Apple. With Apple notebook computers being geared more toward the classy impression than the robust performance of their counterparts, they usually come with a hefty price tag based on […]