the archive

92 entries from Ceci n’est pas un journal have been copied over to Modern Soapbox. The translation is similar but not exact. Comments have been preserved, and useless links have been removed. The dates are not exact for some odd reason. When I went back over them to publish them, they were all messed up. I think it’s just a difference of 10 hours, so give or take that for each post. I didnt have the chance to move SiggyRev over here, but I will soon as well as get the photo album almost together. Enjoy the archives.

(This post has been sprinkled with popblog links as an experiment.)

the consistent

5 out of 5 this week for claiming my favorite seat at work. The work passing thru the queue is extra annoying today. Maybe it has to do something with me going to bed at 6AM & not officially getting out of bed ’til 2PM, an hour before I had to be at work. I didn’t get a chance to have my pre-work meal, but I managed to brew my coffee, pack a few snacks and take a shower.

The weekend is a 3-day one with Labor Day on Monday, but I’ve signed up to work that day. I’ll be pulling an 11 to 7 which is a little rough ’cause I’m used to the 3 to 11. I need the hours though. I have nothing concrete for the weekend except get the other blog archives in here, hit up the grocery store Saturday morning and take the lady out to eat one of the days or both. We’ll see. Enjoy the weekend. I sure will.

the perpetual

A site of interest I ran across today:

Afterwork activities: deposit paycheck, stop by grocery store, eat leftovers, watch DVD, sleep.

Grocery store items to pick up:

  • Flowers for the lady
  • Gingko tablets
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Spinach dip

Exciting. Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday. I have no concrete plans for the weekend. My current options are: A) practice making a 24-hour comic or B) migrate Ceci n’est pas un journal. & SiggyRev content to Modern Soapbox. Plan B sounds healthier granted that I’ll have some way of getting Internet access with some peace & quiet. I think I’ll save Plan A for a rainy day. The weatherman’s predicting some rain this weekend, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll do both.

the transition

Currently, my favorite songs off the Heavens album are: Dead End Girl and True Hate. Patent Pending is a real good listen in general and is working as my in-betweener ’til a new Alk3 record is finished. Dan (of Alk3) made an album with a couple of the guys in Lawrence Arms and some other guy. The act’s called The Falcon, but I haven’t given that a listen nor do I think I will in the near future. Maybe when I get access to freemusicland again but who knows when plus I also want to get Ben’s solo record which I heard a track from and enjoyed.

The apartment life combined with the 40-hour-work-week life has been feeling very perpetual for months now. I have the glorious work schedule of 3 to 11 Monday thru Friday, but that poses a problem with my habits and ambitions. I go to bed late, and I wake up late. Today, I woke up enough to look over at the clock and saw it was a little passed eleven but when back to sleep immediately after with the thought that I could maybe do a couple things before it was time to go to work. My love for sleep took over leaving me with truly waking up and out of bed almost half passed one.

I feel like this current chapter in my life is redundant, and I know I’ve mentioned that before not too long ago. Working on my personal revolution seems to be put on hold or materializing at the rate of snails crossing a continent. I have thoughts, ideas and dreams locked away in my head that I’m waiting to start/continue. I’d like to use the excuse that I don’t have the time, but now that my weekends are free, I should budget my time wiser. I also have about 8 hours in a day when I’m not sleeping or working. It’s probably closer to 4 if you subtract all the driving time, eating time, showering time, chore time and lazing time. Others factors play, such as my summer DVD-watching addiction, but we won’t take that into account ’cause I could be doing more productive things.

The next couple years of my life seem all plotted right now with short spurts of time fitted in-between that provide an opportunity to get things done if used wisely. I’m predicting/knowing that my next chapter will start when the spring college semester rolls around, and I officially begin the nursing program. Within that chapter, my lease will run out, and I’ll be scrambling for new shelter. And I’m not even sure how this current employment will hold up granted that it’s contract and temporary but we’ll have to see when the time comes.

I need to currently devise a plan where I can work around my usual routine to keep the creative juice flowing, and yes, I’ve been devising that for some time now. The trouble is that I love doing a whole lot of nothing a whole lot.

the rebirth

My parents’ wireless connection was so painfully slow that all I could accomplish with working on this yesterday was setting up a new theme for this blog. Fortunately, my host had an automated WordPress installation option so I was able to do that at work on Friday. I think I have this set up the way I want so far with a few things that still need some customizing but they should be soon.

The computers here at work are firewalled, so a bunch of websites are inaccessible to improve productivity and keep viruses and malware from entering the system. I support it to keep the kids off MySpace. Unfortunately, that means I wouldn’t be able to access my account which holds my blog. Then again, I *don’t* do MySpace at this job for the obvious.

I am truly happy that they blocked MySpace, because I was getting frustrated watching people surf profiles and post bulletins and comments all day instead of working. In that sense, I am supporting the man but if I was in a managing position, then I would see it as time and money going down the drain due to the counterproductivity. I would even consider it stealing from the company.

Now for the hypocrisy: They do allow us on the internet and allow us to use the internet between page loads to keep ourselves occupied. They let us play games between page loads. This job is lax for the most part and not uptight about us being off-task unless we’ve been off-task for an extended period of time. And that’s okay.

Since my other blog is inaccessible here, I have no access at home, and I no longer work the after hours job, I’ve decided to set up Modern Soapbox to post my heart out. My view on MySpace is also not in its favor, because that online community has become an absolute mess and everyone there trying to be individual and original are doing the exact opposite. I agree that the site is an excellent networking site, but no one there is truly anybody if they rely on that site as their online presence.

I will be slowly moving out of MySpace. I will keep my profile but will stop maintaining it not completely but mostly just adding people I know if they want to be on my friends list. I will stop blogging there for sure, because I now have this & it is more powerful and accessible.

On that note, I will also be mirroring all of my MySpace entries to Modern Soapbox slowly but surely. I will also be moving all my MovableType entries from the days of SiggyRev for those who ever care to read them for nostalgia.

After work agenda: Mondays @ The Crown (as usual)

the debut

Okay, this domain has been claimed and WordPress has been set up. Now I get to do all the fine tweaking. I should have everything together this weekend or the upcoming week for sure. I decided to set this blog up to open up my entries to the literate masses rather than my exclusive bunch on MySpace.