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the archive

92 entries from Ceci n’est pas un journal have been copied over to Modern Soapbox. The translation is similar but not exact. Comments have been preserved, and useless links have been removed. The dates are not exact for some odd reason. When I went back over them to publish them, they were all messed up. […]

the consistent

5 out of 5 this week for claiming my favorite seat at work. The work passing thru the queue is extra annoying today. Maybe it has to do something with me going to bed at 6AM & not officially getting out of bed ’til 2PM, an hour before I had to be at work. I […]

the perpetual

A site of interest I ran across today: Afterwork activities: deposit paycheck, stop by grocery store, eat leftovers, watch DVD, sleep. Grocery store items to pick up: Flowers for the lady Gingko tablets Plastic food wrap Spinach dip Exciting. Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday. I have no concrete plans for the weekend. My current options […]

the transition

Currently, my favorite songs off the Heavens album are: Dead End Girl and True Hate. Patent Pending is a real good listen in general and is working as my in-betweener ’til a new Alk3 record is finished. Dan (of Alk3) made an album with a couple of the guys in Lawrence Arms and some other guy. The act’s […]

the demise of an indie label

An interesting, somewhat lengthy article from last September: I know it’s a bit outdated, but I ran across it doing my usual Wikipedia-surfing at work.

the rebirth

My parents’ wireless connection was so painfully slow that all I could accomplish with working on this yesterday was setting up a new theme for this blog. Fortunately, my host had an automated WordPress installation option so I was able to do that at work on Friday. I think I have this set up the […]

the debut

Okay, this domain has been claimed and WordPress has been set up. Now I get to do all the fine tweaking. I should have everything together this weekend or the upcoming week for sure. I decided to set this blog up to open up my entries to the literate masses rather than my exclusive bunch […]