the sirens

Lately on my way to work, I’ve been hearing sirens in my head. Strange.

The Sparta show ROCKED. They opened with Breaking The Broken and closed with a two-song encore ending on Assemble The Empire. Other songs I recall were (in no particular order): Air, Echodyne Harmonic, Cut Your Ribbon, Rx Coup, While Oceana Sleeps, Glasshouse Tarot (with an awesome breakdown in the middle similar to what Corgan used to do during I Am One), and Guns of Memorial Park. They also played a few off Threes. I recall Untreatable Disease and Taking Back Control. Their first encore song was one off Threes, too. The sound was good, and the audience was very supportive. I attempted to take pictures with only one being worth anything. I’ll post that up once I get around to it.