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the leap day

Happy Leap Day! Yes! I have successfully written 29 posts this month to celebrate the 29 days of February that only come around every four years. I will be watching NOFX rock out a sold out show tonite at Stubb’s. An attack on the Chinese buffet has been scheduled for this Sunday. At least half […]

the t.g.t.f.

Thank Goodness Tomorrow’s Friday. I’m looking forward to going to Stubb’s after work to see one of my all-time favorite bands NOFX. The word through the grapevine is that they’re playing The Decline in its entirety. It’s 18+ minutes of one hell of an awesome song. I hope this rumor’s true, and that they play […]

the ultra-busy

Today was one of those days at work when the work starts as soon as I clocked in and wasn’t going to end for another eight hours. As much as I get to sit down at a computer and do my job, my head still feels worn out at the end of the day. Neil […]

the air

To celebrate the 400th post on Modern Soapbox, I present a video of Jim Ward performing an acoustic version of Air filmed by yours truly and edited by Neil. Enjoy. Jim Ward Air (Live Acoustic) February 15, 2008 Red 7, Austin TX

the love spread like violence

Angels & Airwaves is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to bands I really enjoy. They recently did an AOL In-Studio acoustic performance of some of their more well-known songs. Here is their performance of their latest single Secret Crowds. Do Tom’s vocals annoy you? Or is it their U2-like sound? Those are […]

the oddsmaker

On February 15th, Jim Ward played an amazing solo acoustic show at Red 7 in Austin, Texas. His presence was welcomed with a room full of people appreciating the frontman of one of El Paso’s most popular rock acts Sparta. He opened his set up with Sparta’s Untreatable Disease from their latest album, Threes. He […]

the case of the mondays

I’m approaching the final hour of the day as I start this post. I definitely had the case of the Mondays. The day went by quick, but it almost felt everything was in disarray at work. I stayed busy as usual, but I wasn’t able to finish everything I planned for the day for once. […]