the pumpkintube

Thanks to the Austin fanbase, multiple clips from the Smashing Pumpkins 11/13/2007 show at The Backyard are on YouTube.

I have cherry-picked some of them to show here. They are arranged by when they were played.

Smashing Pumpkins

November 13, 2007 | Austin, Texas | The Backyard

(The band takes the stage while circus music plays.)

(United States, Bullet with Butterfly Wings)


from YouTube’s ckimbell

(Bring the Light)

Tonight, Tonight

from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre



from YouTube’s ckimbell



from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

(Perfect, Today, Stand Inside Your Love)


from YouTube’s ckimbell

(Pomp and Circumstances, Superchrist, Doomsday Clock, Heavy Metal Machine)

(Encore 1: Cherub Rock, Lucky 13)

(Encore 2: Jeff and Ginger leave the stage. Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs takes the stage and puts on the guitar. Billy takes over the bass duties.)

Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain perform “I Only Play 4 Money”

from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

(Jimmy, Billy and Jimmy cover Taxman by The Beatles during a jam session.)


from YouTube’s HuntreHuntre

the (smashing pumpkins live at the backyard in austin texas) audio download


I was able to locate an audio recording of Smashing Pumpkins on November 13, 2007 in Austin, Texas at The Backyard.

Thanks to Google Alerts, Sonorama.NET, Internet Archive, BG RAVES, Homeless Crisco & 1st Mate Kate.

Smashing Pumpkins

November 13, 2007 | Austin, Texas | The Backyard

Track listing
01. United States (cut)
02. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
03. Drown
04. Bring the Light
05. Tonight, Tonight
06. Tarantula
07. Starla
08. Hummer
09. 1979
10. Perfect
11. Today
12. Stand Inside Your Love
13. Zero
14. Pomp and Circumstances
15. Superchrist
16. Doomsday Clock
17. Heavy Metal Machine
18. Cherub Rock
19. Lucky 13
20. I Only Play 4 Money [The Frogs]
21. Taxman [The Beatles]
22. Disarm

Run time: 2:15:19

If you would like to stream this performance, download individual tracks in different formats, or just read more information about this recording, then here is the link to the Internet Archive source:
Smashing Pumpkins Live at The Backyard on 2007-11-13

the selfish & apathetic

Before I start this post, I’d like to wish my brother Neil a very Happy 24th Birthday!

I know it’s almost eight in the morning. I woke up to the theme song of My So-Called Life on repeat since the Play All function did its round and returned to the DVD menu screen.

Here are some more Pumpkin seeds until I get it all out of my system:

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

& the setlist from this show c/o MySpace’s Chavo:

Set list for Austin: United States, Bullet, Drown, Bring the Light, Tonight, Tarantula, Starla, Hummer, 1979(solo acoustic), Perfect (acoustic), Today, Stand Inside Your Love, Zero, Pomp and Circumstances, Superchrist, Doomsday Clock, Heavy Metal Machine, 1st encore: Cherub Rock, Lucky 13 2nd encore: I Only Play For Money (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Taxman (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Disarm

Tonight, I will be attending the soul doubt Thrice & Brand New show at Stubb’s. Mewithoutyou will be the opening act, but I don’t care too much about them. Mare said Brand New is scheduled to go on at 10pm which from my recent concert experience I believe, so I’m sacrificing a piece of my paycheck and only attending a half-day of work today. That should go by quick and then hooray! the weekend!

I logged into MySpace for the first time in probably a month. I clickt thru my tiny social networking vortex reading bulletins and checking out updates. Things to keep in mind: Alk3’s Goddamnit redux has a scheduled release date of March 2008. Nerf Herder is still together, and they have a new record planned for release early next year.

The biggest catch-up that I didn’t get a chance to finish ’cause it inspired to post these exact words you are reading now is reading the blogs that matter to me. Oh, the negativity that surfaces from these digital journals! Anyway, I’ve been a bit selfish just composing my shit for a blog and haven’t been reading all of yours. I’ll catch up soon. I promise.

And for the apathy: I blame this routine of a life I have. Yes… yes, I do. I’m content. I don’t think about too much, and I’m not going to change much unless I absolutely must.

My weekdays are filled with staying up super late, waking up with just enough time to check back into reality and get ready for work and the same ol’ eight-hour drawl in a room full of people absolutely bored out of their minds and constantly bitching to themselves when they aren’t immersed in: Wikipedia, Google Video, comfort conversations, 25ยข snacks, or actual work for once. Sacrificing your priceless time for a measly paycheck. It’s worth it, right? Yes… yes, it is.

And for the conclusion: I’ve slowly been working thru watching Jesus’ Son. I’m enjoying it, but I keep falling asleep before it’s over, so I just retrace where I left off and continue the movie. I think I’m near the end, so this cool Friday morning may be the day I witness the credits roll. Peace out.

the meaning of life

This post is going to be delivered with photos, captions and some ranting. Enjoy.

Flickr’s BLundin took this photo from the Pumpkins show at the Backyard on Tuesday.

Myra from Blogspot took this photo of Billy Corgan on bass guitar jamming with Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs on guitar and Jimmy Chamberlain on drums. Jeff Schroeder can be seen to Billy’s left taking a picture of the audience.

After the show, Mare and I made a delicious chicken pizza with Sweet Baby Ray’s instead of regular pizza sauce. (Ingredients: pizza dough, SBR’s, two sliced up chicken breasts lightly salted and peppered and pan fried in EVOO, half a red onion, Parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Prepared much like the Margherita variant we made a week ago.)
If you have a weak stomach, then I advise you not to look at this glorious photograph. Scroll down if you don’t ’cause I know you do.
The result of a fun night at Wednesday: The Gathering a.k.a. “She shouldn’t have drank wine after drinking beer.” Go Amazon!! This was the pinnacle of my night. On the ride home, I listed thirteen reasons why the fact she hurled was so awesome and then came up with another one when I was back in the apartment. I couldn’t get over the fact that Ms L Technicolor-yawned in front of the stove at J-Bone’s. I’m not going to relist my reasons, but I will throw out (up? ha.) that the sink was right behind her, and the trash can was two steps to her left. Rock on!

Now the image you’ve been waiting for… don’t close your eyes:


Power Puke!

That’s a towel that will attempt to wipe up that mess. My favorite part of that picture are the drip marks near the lower-right. I’m either going with it was the start of the regurgitation, maybe the end OR the vomit splattered with Urth’s gravitation pull. I’m no forensics expert, but damn, that’s a Kodak moment if I say so myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Done for now. Peace out.

the pumpkins in the backyard

Austin Texas holds a reputation for being the live music capital of the world. Unfortunately, they also hold a reputation for having a strict noise ordinance that make shows start earlier than anticipated.

Tonight was the night I finally had the opportunity to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Smashing Pumpkins. I was off work a couple hours early to make the trek to the show. The drive from where I was to The Backyard took a little over half an hour. We were in the venue parking lot a quarter ’til 10. To my disappointment, the show was nearing an end. We did get to see them for about half an hour but missed the heart of the show.

Fortunately, I did see them perform live. Maybe I didn’t get the whole shebang, but I got something. While we were pulling into the parking lot, Cherub Rock was playing. They followed it with another song I wasn’t too familiar with but rocked of course. Then, Jimmy Flemion from The Frogs took the stage with Billy on bass and Jimmy on drums. They played a Frogs song which lead into a cover of Taxman by The Beatles then a jam session. The show concluded with Billy playing Disarm on electric guitar with his keyboardist taking care of the string section.

Hopefully, they’ll return to Texas and I’ll guarantee myself that I will catch the entire show.

The city noise ordinance is very disheartening, but what can you really do about it?

This Friday, I will be at Stubb’s for the Thrice/Brand New show. Hopefully, I don’t miss too much of that even though I plan on leaving work at nine again.


So I just checked my email (11:33pm), and the ticket company for The Backyard sent an email this morning (10:15am) that the show was starting earlier than scheduled. Bastards!

I told myself after the show that I should have left work earlier, and I didn’t. Oh well… what can you do?

the scatterpost

The end of the month has finally here. This week has been a little busier than usual. Let’s recap.

Sunday: Dinner with the family that involved a long discussion about the plans for October. I’m sure I’ll go into detail here in the near future.

Monday: The work week begins. The day is usual, but the main plan for the nite is to help a friend order parts for a computer we’re going to build. This takes a few hours.

Tuesday: Plans for the night aren’t set, but with this, I finally get around to enhancing Joe’s TPV site to fulfill his requests. This takes me four or five hours ’cause I’m slow like that and can work at any pace I please.

Wednesday: Tuesday: The Gathering was moved to this night. After work, I enjoy a delicious dinner with Mare and make cheese bread for the group. We show up at The Gathering around a quarter ’til one. We play ’til almost five in the mourning. A close friend’s loved one passes away earlier that day.

Thursday: The supervisor was out today, so I had to fill his shoes today. Plans to have dinner with my siblings were moved to this day, because The Gathering day was changed. We enjoy a tasty pasta dinner made by Mare and play a round of Scrabble. I spend the rest of night chatting with Mare and K$.

Friday: This day is here, and I’m still in the night mentioned above. I’m typing this right now, and the sun is wiping the sleep out of its eyes oh so slowly. One of my favorite Lennon songs, Oh Yoko!, is playing on my tiny notebook speakers. The plan for tonight is a Bustaburger. The BBO shipment was delayed, but I’m hoping a disc or two or maybe all of them arrive today so Mare and I don’t just have ‘burger’ with no ‘Busta.’

Today is also paynight. I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend ahead. Holiday pay is sweet.

My new motto for being an employee or just working somewhere is: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I am a strong believer in karma. When you mess with a system, then it will mess with you. I’m really getting tired of witnessing people make a mockery of the department I work in, and I am slowly but surely putting the pressure on. Most of them won’t be happy, but the vacation will be coming to an end.

I look at it this way: This company is helping you survive get by financially. Show respect and appreciation by earning your way and pulling your weight. Again: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I’m sure most of them show up just for the check. If they don’t like working for this company, then I’m sure they can find somewhere else to waste their time. I think they just stay for comfort and apathy. Anger won’t solve their problems, and they’ve already dug their graves. “I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.” they may say. Inside, I snicker.

I will be attending a service on Saturday morning for my friend’s father’s passing.

My father is coming home, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him on Labor Day.

I still have to prepare the rent check to drop off tomorrow before work. I’m usually early with it, but I was swamped this week.

I really enjoy when I just work my eight hours, do next to nothing at night/have no obligations at that time, and repeat this process. This week felt like I was working the forty plus a part-time, or I could look at it like I had appointments after work every day this weekend. I’m glad I was still able to enjoy most of my early morning hours along with sleeping in.

Peace out.

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the eighties

My salad days were in the ’90s, but I have great respect of the decade before. Electronic drums, the overuse of synthesizers and power ballad vocal stylings set the stage to this decade of downfall.

eMpTyV debuted which rocketed the music industry, especially pop music. The radio shifted its airwaves to cater to the rockstars sporting hairsprayed look and plastic chic. The decade could be distinctly pointed out from its counterparts, and its fashion trends and popular music were two elements to blame.

As I enjoy the nostalgia of ’80s pop singles, I am glad to say that my music preferences were polluted by the decade after. I can and already see the ’90s being the current ’80s by the falling out of the styles, looking back at the films of that era and how they don’t look so “shiny” like they did when I saw them ten to fifteen years ago.

Yes, we live in a new millennium. Digital introspection has conquered the world, and it supersedes the Moogs and prehistoric 3-D animation that set the foundation over 20 years ago. Visions can be preserved to never tarnish with age and be displayed the same over and over from discs etched with ones and zeroes which are shot with a laser that delivers the information through microscopic silicon pipelines and translated on LCD displays. Run-ons rule. Peace out.

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