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the rent’s due and green olives

Tonight, Mare reheated a calzone she brought home from work almost two weeks ago. It still tasted delicious. She also brought home a spinach artichoke dip and some bread which topped me off. I have yet to enjoy an ice cream sandwich I got from the grocery store on Sunday. I also had a craving […]

the artists in the ambulance

I received the news today that Thrice will be playing Stubb’s on November 16th with Brand New. I am looking forward to this show and hearing some of their new material. Coincidentally, they played on this same date last year. I also heard through the grapevine that Thrice and Island have parted ways. My guesses […]

the breath of fresh air

I obtained an “advance copy” of the new Smashing Pumpkins album, Zeitgeist. The pleasure was mine to listen to Corgan and crew return to their Mellon Collie era roots to deliver a sonic wall of symphonic guitars, tight drumming and Corgan’s signature vocals. The production of this record is much better than that of Mellon […]

the release date

Yesterday, June 12, was the release date of albums from two different bands that I enjoy listening to. The most important one was released by a pop-punk group called Strung Out. The album, titled Black Hawks Over Los Angeles, is good but significantly more political than their previous release. Some of the themes prevalent in […]

the tarantula

Before work today, I noticed that the new Smashing Pumpkins single, Tarantula, had been sitting in my ‘neo downlodes’  folder unlistened. I hadn’t been in a hurry to listen to it, but I had to once I knew I had the song in its entirety. I had heard a short clip of it when it […]

the statue drowning

A couple days ago, the cover to the new Smashing Pumpkins album, Zeitgeist, debuted on their official website as well as their MySpace page. The release was also pushed to the 10th of July instead of the 7th. The cover was designed by the same artist infamous for his Obey Giant street art. The last […]

the small piles of putrid debris

Yesterday, a 30-second clip of Tarantula, the new single from The Smashing Pumpkins, was released on the internet. The single hits the radio this upcoming Monday. Their new album titled Zeitgeist is scheduled to be released on July 7th.