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the decipher

Alkaline Trio released a collection of b-sides, outtakes and rarities last month that I enjoy immensely. On MySpace, they put together this awesome activity where anyone who purchased the album could find out how to download a companion CD to Remains. The first part was to download, print and cut out a template that fit […]

the up kinda late

I’m winding down for the night, but I have to get all my notes ready to go for the extreme study session that awaits me tomorrow. I also have to wake up too early in the morning to attend a learning lab at 8am. I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t a clinical […]

the man, the machine & the uncle

I’m going to wrap up my late night cram session at four to get adequate rest for my exam at one. I still haven’t gotten my hair cut. I did my taxes today which added unnecessary stress to mix with the need to study. I owe for the independent contractor work I did last year, […]

the artificial flavor

Traffic in the morning with a slight drizzle will literally put a damper on my day. I don’t understand why Texan drivers are so overcautious when the roads are damp. Stack on the freeway congestion, and the combination just makes an unnecessary headache. I always get that worn down feeling around 8-9pm at work after […]

the isolation

I wrote a song last nite. Strum this progression with open chords at a medium tempo, Verse: Gb, Cb, Eb, Cb Chorus: Db, Cb Song title: Mary Christmas In Oklahoma (From Your Boy In Austin) [tentative] Verse: Mary’s going to Oklahoma Where she’ll spend Christmas Day without me Mary’s going to Oklahoma Where she’ll spend […]

the soundtrack

I had to put this list up ’cause this was a good gig’s worth of music that I’d listen to off and on at work for the last couple weeks. The work I’m currently doing at the job requires me to be attentive half the time, so I usually listen to music half the time […]

the show

Here are the couple pics I took @ the Sparta show last week that came out okay:     Sparta @ Emo’s Austin Texas 10/03/2006