the decipher

Alkaline Trio released a collection of b-sides, outtakes and rarities last month that I enjoy immensely. On MySpace, they put together this awesome activity where anyone who purchased the album could find out how to download a companion CD to Remains.

The first part was to download, print and cut out a template that fit over one of the pages in the CD booklet. The template revealed the keyword, username and password.

The second part was to download a cipher and decode the message using the keyword alongside a line of characters that matched up via the cipher. This reveals a website address where the companion CD can be downloaded.

After finding the address and pointing a browser to the site, the splash page shows a lock in the shape of Alk3’s heart logo. Clicking the keyhole brings up a prompt that asks for a username and password that was revealed thru the template.

Entering the correct username and password leads to the main site that has the tracks to the companion CD for download as well as artwork for the CD label and a CD envelope to print out.

The CD is called Scraps and contains ten tracks of acoustic live versions of a few of their songs, live versions of a few of some songs and BBC recordings of other songs including a couple covers that I haven’t heard myself until downloading the record.

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the up kinda late

I’m winding down for the night, but I have to get all my notes ready to go for the extreme study session that awaits me tomorrow. I also have to wake up too early in the morning to attend a learning lab at 8am. I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t a clinical where I’d have to be up earlier.

My final exam is on Friday, and that’s what I’m thinking about the most. Thanks to everyone who’s wishing me the best on this exam. I’m really gonna need it. Whichever way it goes is the way it was meant to go. I’ll take either way, but I’m sure my parents want it to go the way of the good. I’d really like it to go well ’cause I really want and need a solid career for a solid future. But if Fate doesn’t want it that way, I can’t torment myself over it.

I’m currently listening to the new Explosions In The Sky record which is awesome. If you’re ever looking for something atmospheric, soothing in some parts but ferocious in others, then this band is your answer. Think on the lines of Mogwai but this band has their own flavor. Their sound is tight with a guitar attack filled with delay and reverb that bounces off the walls of your brain. This record is better than their previous record and reminds me more of their earlier albums.


Maury’s afternoon talk show thrives on mothers not knowing who the father of their child is. If you have no idea who the real father of your child is or if you have a guess but want to make sure, then you could get a Paternity Test done. You don’t have to go on a talk show and risk humiliating yourself on national television if you’re not sure who the father is.

the man, the machine & the uncle

I’m going to wrap up my late night cram session at four to get adequate rest for my exam at one.

I still haven’t gotten my hair cut.

I did my taxes today which added unnecessary stress to mix with the need to study. I owe for the independent contractor work I did last year, but the numbers didn’t seem right with the deductions, allowances and withholdings in place. I can’t be too surprised ’cause I didn’t get full returns for the past couple years either.

After I finished doing my taxes, I thought about how technology is slowing taking over. Uncle Sam is a robot. This is human and machine interacting with each other in harmony. I, the human, use a machine to transmit information that I have generated to another machine which then processes the data. This is the future now.

Next, people in NC will be purchasing their Raleigh North Carolina Real Estate from an agent that closely resembles Rosie from the Jetsons. That wouldn’t surprise me.

I just received email confirmation that my tax forms are ready to go via snail mail, so I guess I’ll have to get that all together for tomorrow when I drop the outgoing into the mailbox before I take my test.

By the way, Alk3’s new release, Remains, is incredible. Mare got it for me as a gift. They’ve left Vagrant on good terms and will be releasing their next record on V2.

I’ll be @ Slick Willie’s tomorrow after work for free pool. I’m breaking the Monday night tradition this time, but I’ll be back around the week after.

the artificial flavor

Traffic in the morning with a slight drizzle will literally put a damper on my day. I don’t understand why Texan drivers are so overcautious when the roads are damp. Stack on the freeway congestion, and the combination just makes an unnecessary headache.

I always get that worn down feeling around 8-9pm at work after a day like this. I was also consuming more junk food than usual. The vending machines seem to be getting empty faster this past couple weeks. I think it’s the new hires reaping the benefits of a snack machine and a soda machine that only take a quarter a pop.

I’m already anticipating this summer even though my first eight weeks of the semester aren’t even close to over. I can dream of an Orlando Vacation, right? Realistically, I just look forward to an extremely relaxing summer that won’t include these vicious Thursdays and Fridays. Maybe some day.

Tonight, we’ll be watching Finding Neverland which I heard is a decent movie. I know I shouldn’t be staying up so late, but it really does help me relax. Between 6am & 7am, I can look forward to three alarm clocks going off (one standard, one on the notebook & one on the machinembryo) at different intervals and me scrambling to hit all the snooze buttons.

I do need to be out of the door on learning lab days by 7am or earlier to battle the horrific traffic ’cause I ended up five minutes late but that was okay ’cause of the weather factor. My trip took so long that Dustin Kensrue‘s new record played from the first track to the last and started to play the first track again by the time I was parked at the campus.

For clinicals, I just need to be out of the door before 6:15am at the absolute latest which I do not look forward to anytime.

the isolation

I wrote a song last nite.

Strum this progression with open chords at a medium tempo,
Verse: Gb, Cb, Eb, Cb
Chorus: Db, Cb

Song title:
Mary Christmas In Oklahoma (From Your Boy In Austin) [tentative]

Mary’s going to Oklahoma
Where she’ll spend Christmas Day without me
Mary’s going to Oklahoma
Where she’ll spend Christmas Day without me

But that’s okay
‘Cause she’ll spend New Year’s Day
With me

Short & simple. I’ve been on a short & simple song kick lately.

This Christmas Eve has been spent lounging with my notebook doing a whole lotta nothing.

the soundtrack

I had to put this list up ’cause this was a good gig’s worth of music that I’d listen to off and on at work for the last couple weeks. The work I’m currently doing at the job requires me to be attentive half the time, so I usually listen to music half the time or less depending on the day, sometimes even more. So here’s the list. Don’t judge me.

  • A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms & Thirteenth Step
  • Bad Astronaut – Acrophobe EP
  • The Cars – Greatest Hits
  • Hum – You’d Prefer An Astronaut
  • an assortment of songs by John Lennon
  • Lifetime – Hello Bastards
  • Jimmy Eat World – Stay On My Side Tonight
  • Saves The Day – Stay What You Are
  • an assortment of songs by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Space Twins – The End of Imagining
  • Tuesday – Early Summer EP