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the ‘za of the week (jan 6 – jan 12)

For dinner tonite, Mare and I planned on a pizza topped with 2½ links of Italian sausage, six freshly-sliced white mushrooms, half of a red onion sliced, and a sliced jalapeño on half. The sauce was marinara, and we used mozzarella cheese. The prepared pie awaiting entry into the preheated oven. A snapshot of some […]

the ‘za of the week (dec 28 – jan 5)

On Thursday, Mare and I made a specialty pizza. This one did not have too many toppings, but it was a break from the usual marinara-based pizza. We used an Alfredo sauce topped with spinach, chicken and marinated artichoke hearts. The chicken was prepared the same way as last week’s ‘za. Spinach keeps well in […]

the ‘za of the week (dec 23 – dec 29)

Yesterday, Mare and I made a deluxe pizza. This one was topped with: fresh spinach, seasoned chicken, fried garlic, sliced Roma tomatoes, a sliced portobello mushroom and fresh jalapeños on half. The flavors were bold and intense and made for a savory pie. I worked with a different lighting setup in hopes to bring you […]

the ‘za of the week (dec 16 – dec 22) #2

The second pizza we made in the week was the one we mentioned making the week before: the Texan-style pizza. Instead of marinara, we used barbeque sauce. Two of the toppings shown here are sliced white onions and sliced fresh jalapeños. The seeds were removed before putting them on the pie to reduce the fire. […]

the ‘za of the week (dec 16 – dec 22) #1

Before the big server meltdown that kept me from uploading these photos, Mare and I made two pizzas last week. Now that everything is stable again around here, last week’s ‘Zas of the Week can finally be posted. Here’s the first one. It was a simple pie. Black olives sliced in half, sliced pepperoni, and […]

the ‘za of the week (dec 9 – dec 15)

We made this week’s ‘za on Tuesday. I must say it was one of the better ones we’ve made lately. The fried garlic contributed to its uniqueness, and the blend of fresh toppings plus a little extra sauce on the crust made for the tastiness. The toppings (clockwise from top-left): black olives pitted and sliced […]

the gold medal wine club

The writers at Modern Soapbox enjoy wine. We recently received an offer to enjoy exclusive, small-batch wine from one of America’s leading wine clubs, the Gold Medal Wine Club of California. The wine was package very securely with Styrofoam fit for the bottles. Included in the shipment were: two bottles of wine, a gift card […]