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the red velvet cupcake recipe

Yesterday, Mare made some red velvet cupcakes and they were delicious. With Valentine’s Day next week, these cupcakes are very popular this time of year. Coincidentally, I stumbled across this segment online that aired on the local news this morning and figured I’d post this to all of you who like to bake tasty treats […]

the good is

All right! Mare just showed up at The 701 with a ten-piece of delicious fried chicken from the place that knows what good is. I’ve been craving some fried chicken lately, and it is time to indulge. All I’ve eaten today was a large cup of coffee, a can of Italian wedding soup, and three […]

the days you never want to end

Saturday and Sunday have come and gone. I always dread when these days end, because the weekend is too short compared to the work week ahead. This weekend was enjoyable for a change. It usually goes by before I really get a chance to grasp it, but I think I had some good use of […]

the candy bars and soda for brunch

After a splendid four-day vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, Monday returned which meant that the 40-hour work week was back in session. The painful monotony goes a little something like this: Sleep. Wake up. Shower. Dress. Grab a candy bar and a soda. Hop in my car. Drive to work. Work. Drink a soda and […]

the prodibase max

WP tells me this is the 1000th time the post-writing skeleton has been set up. A while has gone by, my friends. [from a sticky note that has been sitting on my desk since its date, February 10th.] 2:37a 2/10/8 the prodibase max 250w video recording device from the ’70s that recorded onto hot dogs […]

the costco margherita pizza

Why has ‘Za of the Week been on hiatus? Because Costco has tasty take&bake pizzas and their concession pizza rocks. Kinda but not really. We just haven’t been making homemade pizza lately, but Mare and I have been eying some of their pies that you take home and bake for a while now and actually […]

the naan pizza

Late last month, Mare picked up some naan (pronounced ‘non’, not na-an) from Whole Foods, and we made some tasty pizzas with it. These are naan pizzas topped with pineapple and red onion before they go in the oven. We made them just like we make our homemade pies with fresh dough, but no stretching […]