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the ultra-busy

Today was one of those days at work when the work starts as soon as I clocked in and wasn’t going to end for another eight hours. As much as I get to sit down at a computer and do my job, my head still feels worn out at the end of the day. Neil […]

the ‘za of the week (feb 17 – feb 23)

On Thursday, Mare and I made a pizza topped with nothing but meat, sauce and cheese. The ingredients were: pepperoni, Canadian bacon, breakfast bacon, breakfast sausage, and mozzarella that Mare shredded herself. The pizza came out extra greasy even with extra Parmesan sprinkled over both the marinara and the toppings. This pie is a meat […]

the ‘za of the week (feb 10 – feb 16)

Baking a pizza at home is a very relaxing experience. From stretching the dough to sprinkling the shredded cheese and adding the toppings, a homemade pizza is made with love rather than being just another pie filling a ticket in a corporate establishment. This past Wednesday, Mare & I baked a homemade pizza topped with […]

the ‘za of the week (feb 3 – feb 9)

The ‘Za of the Week was topped with: two Italian sausage links, half of a red onion, seven white mushroom caps, and ricotta. Yes, ricotta. This very mild cheese normally used in lasagna makes an excellent pizza topping. I learned this one from a pizzeria I was employed at for years. They used it on […]

the ‘za of the week (jan 27 – feb 2)

With the frequency of ‘Za of the Week posts versus posts about anything else, this blog ought to be renamed Modern Pizza Box. This week’s pie was topped with: pepperoni, red onions and pineapple. The dough stretched so well this time around, and extra sauce was used again. We were going for an interesting topping […]

the ‘za of the week (jan 20 – jan 26)

Simplicity was what we were going for this time around. Pepperoni and fresh mushrooms topped this ‘Za of the Week. Nothing real special going on here. Keep in mind that fresh mushrooms will shrink down when baked on pizza, so be liberal with them. This particular pie contained six whole mushrooms sliced and placed evenly. […]

the ‘za of the week (jan 13 – jan 19)

Mare requested that I make this week’s ‘za with pita. These were some deluxe little pies. We made them based on the style of chicken carbonara, and they came out great. We used six pieces of pita. They were stacked high with delicious toppings. This is how it went down: Pita Marinara sauce Parmesan cheese […]