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the longest week ever

On Saturday, I had to take an exam. Scored 96 out of 100. w00t!
I knew I had another exam in another class that following Wednesday, but I was ready for it.
I didn’t know that the upcoming third exam in yet another class was that following Thursday until the Tuesday before. Ouch.
Along with the 40 hours […]

the object dot methods

Learning computer programming is essentially learning foreign languages.
Traffic was terrible in Austin yesterday. I spent over an hour on the road traveling from North Austin to Downtown. When the rain falls, many Austin drivers become too cautious. I’m a cautious driver myself, but I am able to maintain a reasonable speed limit even in unfavorable […]

the junk drawer

I’ve been updating this soapbox for over four years now.
On a related note: Happy Belated 4th Birthday, Modern Soapbox!
This medium of communication that I will always praise has become a junk drawer since I first established it as a storage device for my memories, rants, and other assorted bursts of pseudo-creativity. Many other word compositions […]

the psyche rummage

This is my last Monday before I take on sixteen weeks of a computer-immersed all-day nightmare buffet. Anything productive I do except read comics involves the machines that coexist with us every single second we spend in this parallel. We easily spot those notebooks with those square buttons and flat squares that glow and those […]

the rill quik

After this, I will be reviewing study guides for an exam that I am taking tomorrow afternoon.
After that exam, I will be cramming another study guide for the exam in my other class on Wednesday evening. Fortunately, this exam allows two double-sided pages of notes. I would be doomed otherwise.
The completion of that exam will […]

the cherenkov effect

This is a week to be overdriven. A learning experience is zoned in on upcoming exams and project deadlines. Tonight will be most focused on making progress on what was technically fallen behind on. The escalated stress level was kept dismissed for weeks and then absorbed like a life force of its own right about […]

the expected personalized interlude

Here’s another obligatory update. I’ve been keeping these rants short, because I have bigger fish to fry. If you’re into pattern detection, then you know exactly why I still sprinkle this collection with first-person prose that reflects something or another that might be relevant to the big picture or not. June flew by. To 100-degree […]