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the prodibase max

WP tells me this is the 1000th time the post-writing skeleton has been set up. A while has gone by, my friends.
[from a sticky note that has been sitting on my desk since its date, February 10th.]
2:37a 2/10/8
the prodibase max
250w video recording device from the
’70s that recorded onto hot dogs

From Tim Lindenschmidt’s World’s Longest Hot […]

the pluckin’ good time

This month has been good to me. Tonight was one of the two scheduled Pluckers nights. I went for five Fire in the Hole wings like I did the last time. Five is not so bad. Any more is death. They’re hott, but they’re tolerable in smaller increments.
The posse included K$, Neil, Gunner, Rhino, Mare […]

the start

With the Labor day holiday behind us, school is officially in full swing. I have already had one test and several homework assignments. It seems like every fall is an uphill battle, with the warm weather beckoning me outside and away from my textbooks and the laziness of summertime is still left […]

the blinking twelve problem

The biggest thought running through my head as of late is whether or not I should completely give up on becoming a nurse. I have the opportunity over the summer to retake the two classes I withdrew from last month. I truly want to make my parents proud, but in my heart, I don’t want […]

the struggle

My instructor emailed me about my second exam grade and wanted to know what my plan was. I replied telling her that I wasn’t going to give up without putting up a fight. I was going to study ’til my brain bled, and I was going to make it through again like I did last […]

the means to an end

After I woke up on Tuesday, I showered and dressed to go to the nearby campus to withdraw.
I really wanted to fight, but I didn’t want to stress myself to the point that I’d feel destroyed if I ended up losing the fight. I blame myself for everything, and that’s okay. I don’t feel […]

the wait

If the institution’s system wasn’t so flawed, then I wouldn’t have had to wait in the saturation representation of a waiting list to get into the program. I was on it for a long time, something like a year and a half but could have been two years.
I think having someone wait that long to […]