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the liberation

With school off my back, I feel free. I feel whole again not having to experience The Worst Days Ever. I don’t have to show up to work tired as a horse and feel time tick oh so slow. I can concentrate on my creative endeavors again and feel less miserable about existing.
I really enjoy […]

the enema

Last Friday, I had to work with the same patient I had the day before. He had been feeling impacted for days and had received an enema on that Thursday. He was prescribed enemas as needed and needed one that day.
The nurse had me perform the task, so I gave the guy an enema. It […]

the tightrope

I did not do as bad on my exam as I did on the last one. With the fact that I really only studied the material last night and right before the test, I did pretty well. The grade isn’t passing by the program’s curve, but it is passing based on college grading. I don’t […]

the week’s apology

I apologize for being busier than you at times. I have a mastery demo and an exam tomorrow followed by work. Tuesday is another day of work followed by a dinner get-together with the PKP crew which I’ll probably be staying up decently late for. On early Wednesday morning, I’ll be enjoying the pain of […]

the (work + school)² + work

My nights of sleeping as late as I want and almost getting up with just enough time to get ready for work are over for this week. Tonight, I go to bed early to be up at the painful 6th hour of Thursday to attend my clinical day for the week.
This Friday is a learning […]

the failure

Judging by the title of the post, you might have thought that I flunked my final exam and got myself kicked out of the nursing program. Well, you’re wrong, you sadistic ignoramus.
I took Thursday off to relax and study for my final. The exam was a hundred questions over everything taught over the eight-week session. […]

the up kinda late

I’m winding down for the night, but I have to get all my notes ready to go for the extreme study session that awaits me tomorrow. I also have to wake up too early in the morning to attend a learning lab at 8am. I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t a clinical […]