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the concern

I just officially got out of bed a quarter after two. I’ve been having those long talks with myself about passing that final exam on Friday. I am going to try, but I can’t promise myself anything. If I pass this test, then my worries are over for the time being and onto the next […]

the sleepy smile

Before I prepare the ground beef for the burgers tonite, I will supply you folks with a short and sweet post.
I didn’t do well again on my exam yesterday. I’m gonna have to make a solid B on the final exam to pass the course otherwise I’m just gonna have to take the axe and […]

the lucky me

Is it already Friday?! Oh yeah!
I had clinical at 6:30am as usual yesterday and spent some of the night doing what needs to be done and homework and lounging and wasting time and not sleeping. Yes, I didn’t get a night’s rest. I guess that’s just how it has to be. Actually, I had maybe […]

the fortunately

My sincerest apologies for the lack of an actual update and the past few random posts.
Here we go, redemption (hopefully):
Last Friday, I was exhausted from the two grueling days of clinicals followed by work. That day marked Day 4 of being fill-in supervisor while the supervisor was fighting “the plague.” He caught what’s been going […]

the no chance to rest

I finally finished my lengthy homework assignment a quarter ’til five and have to be in attendance at clinical by 6:30am. Yes, that means adequate or even the tiniest taste of sleep is out of the question. The assignment was posted around 9:30am on Wednesday.
Ten times out of ten I will be asleep at the […]

the late to bed early to rise

My supervisor has been out for the past couple days, so as the shift leader, I had to fill in. The people on my shift are mostly good, so I didn’t have much to worry about.
After this, I have to get a bunch of homework done for clinicals in the morning. I had to run […]

the vacation’s over

Last night ended my mini-vacation. Although I had to work on Monday and Tuesday, I did not mind at all. I consider it a vacation because I was able to stay up as late as I wanted and wake up almost as late as I wanted. I like that. I also didn’t have the […]