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the human reset button

The truth is that the three alarm clocks work best for me as well as getting to sleep in the night before you have to lack sleep the next night. I had trouble getting up this morning. I wish we were designed to just have a reset button to push whenever we were feeling exhausted. […]

the tune of three alarms OR the coast

This isn’t about cruising along the beachside on a Rebel sporting some stylish motorcycle sunglasses. This is about how my morning wasn’t as bad as I thought.
I woke up to three alarm clocks set to go off at different times close to each other. The alarm set on my notebook would play “Warbrain” by Alk3. […]

the calm before the storm

I took a couple hours PTO from work to rev myself up for my killer day tomorrow. I attempted to go to the medical center before work, but I didn’t have enough time to obtain my assignment. I went after work tonight and will have to do what I have to do with it before […]

the man, the machine & the uncle

I’m going to wrap up my late night cram session at four to get adequate rest for my exam at one.
I still haven’t gotten my hair cut.
I did my taxes today which added unnecessary stress to mix with the need to study. I owe for the independent contractor work I did last year, but the […]

the artificial flavor

Traffic in the morning with a slight drizzle will literally put a damper on my day. I don’t understand why Texan drivers are so overcautious when the roads are damp. Stack on the freeway congestion, and the combination just makes an unnecessary headache.
I always get that worn down feeling around 8-9pm at work after a […]

the needles

We went over using needles in learning lab. As much as I don’t like being poked, I don’t mind doing the poking.
I only missed one question on my dosage calculation exam. Rock on. The test only had ten questions, and I had to make a 90 or better. I could miss one otherwise had to […]

the command yourself

[a conversation with myself]
The clock’s reading almost three, and you’re still up and you haven’t done much of anything about school. You have a dosage exam on Thursday. You’ve printed out the study material, but you haven’t even put the pen to the paper. This is your last night to stay up, but you can […]