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the missed nap

The first half of my mandatory tasks for the day is over. I shadowed a nurse and a tech in clinical and had a very interesting experience. In less than forty-five minutes, I’ll be on my way to do my 3-11 shift at work. I’m gonna be exhausted.
Mare & I enjoyed dinner together after I […]

the no fun up all nite

The fact I have to be at my clinical by 6:30am made me decide that I’m going to stay up all night. I’ve been feeling tired all day, but I guess this is something I have to tough out until my eyeballs pop out.
I thought I could stay up and relax last night, but having […]

the sigh of relief

On Monday, I had my first exam. I didn’t do too well, but I did about as good as I expected. I did maybe two hours of studying over the past two weeks, but I did attend all of my learning labs.
Today, I had to perform a mastery demo which I think I did all […]

the no Leo, gravy in-between battles

The past couple days have been rough.
I was out of bed at 7:30 on Thursday to get to my clinical orientation, and traffic was terrible. I literally live across the freeway from the place. After the orientation, I proceed to my old apartment to get more of my belongings to the new place. The last […]

the hectic

Yesterday was a gloomy day. The rain poured off and on all over the beds and the loveseat we transported in the back of DMC’s truck.
The conclusion of the night was quite enjoyable. We had to wait for Ryan and Jay to get off work at 11 to transport my bed and the loveseat. We […]

the lab

The clock reads almost three, and I’m still awake. I have to attend a learning lab at 8. That’s about 5 and a half hours from now. The alarm is set for 6, and I’m hoping that I’ll wake up to it. What am I doing blogging right now?! I should be in bed!
I had […]

the kart

The right side of my windshield has finally cracked all the way across.
Work was closed today, so I didn’t have to go in… another paid day off for this guy.
The school was closed today and will be again tomorrow. I won’t be able to get the rest of my books until they reopen on Thursday […]