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the first-ever man vs machine jeopardy competition – day 2

[flowplayer id=7] Season 27 #6087, aired 2011-02-15 Ken Jennings vs. Watson vs. Brad Rutter The IBM Challenge. Continuation of game 1. (Details derived from J! Archive) [mosotube]

the first-ever man vs machine jeopardy competition – day 1

[flowplayer id=6] Season 27 #6086, aired 2011-02-14 Ken Jennings vs. Watson vs. Brad Rutter The IBM Challenge. Jeopardy! Round only. (Details derived from J! Archive) [mosotube]

the big game sunday

During the first few quarters, I took a long nap and finished my project for my online class. The project only took me less than half an hour. I wish I had caught all the Super Bowl commercials as they aired, because it’s not the same to just stream them all from an online list. […]

the relaxing saturday

We just finished the third season of Breaking Bad and eager for the next season to start airing. We’ve been a couple couch potatoes all day today catching up on our TV shows from this past week. We’re going to get some burgers here in a bit but maybe knock out a few rounds of […]

the samsung lcd tv price drop |

The holidays are less than a few months away, so start that wish list. If your family doesn’t already enjoy the clarity of high-definition during TV time on a regular basis, then the time to invest in an LCD TV is sooner than later. Samsung has been the leader in high-definition televisions for years now. […]

the thrill of procrastination

The weekend has flown by once again. Updating these records can be mind-numbing, but it needs to be done. We’re getting close to 4 years of keeping this ship afloat. I enjoyed Matt’s El Rancho for the first time. I had the Old-Fashioned Tacos: two brisket, one chicken. They were deliciously deep-fried corn tacos with […]

the victory of dan pawson

This is my all-time favorite episode of Jeopardy that has ever aired: the final round of the 2009 Tournament of Champions with Dan Pawson vs Larissa Kelly vs Aaron Schroeder. The round took an interesting turn of events during Final Jeopardy that resulted in Dan Pawson winning the tournament. However, Larissa Kelly is the biggest […]