the hybrid video recorder

I’ve been looking for a USB device or special video card that will allow me to watch and record antenna TV on my computer since the DTV transition. I found this one this weekend on sale. For a little more than forty bucks after the rebate, I can watch high definition digital TV on my computer.

I watch plenty of TV programming, but I don’t need cable or satellite to get the shows I watch regularly. Why should I spend hundreds of dollars a year on a TV service when all of the shows I keep up with can travel through my antenna, streamed on Hulu, or found amongst the torrent community?

This hybrid video recorder is packaged with a USB extension cable since its shape can obstruct a nearby USB port. It also comes with a portable digital antennae and software to run the adapter. The software allows you to turn your computer in a DVR-like device where you can set it to record your shows at certain times.

Instead of needing a television set to watch your shows, you can just plug this HDTV adapter into your computer. This brings a new layer to multi-tasking. You won’t have to turn your head to see the TV. If I had this device, then I would not have to miss America’s Game since I have class during that time now Mondays thru Thursdays. I can just schedule my notebook to record the show and watch it after class. So 2010!

the forward momentum

Wow. The weekend is almost already here again. We’re already nearing the middle of the first month of the new year. Time is not slowing down by any means.

Mondays thru Fridays from 7am to 3pm at my day job that pays the bills, I am a drone that completes the connection. I am a robot that sees a check every two weeks. My days are mostly the same. The routine is comforting. That is my work life.

I’m keeping in mind that one of my resolutions was to update this at least a couple times a week, and I’m going to do my best. Don’t let me let you down.

Mare also got her new Lenovo IdeaPad Y450, and it’s pretty sweet. She digs it and so do I. I have no plans in the near future for a new computer system of any sort. I’m content with the five I already use on a regular basis.

I picked up a copy of I, Robot on Blu-ray at Wally World yesterday for ten bucks. They also had Boondock Saints and 28 Days Later, but I went with the one that I like the most and would look spectacular in 1080p. This is why I always have to pass by the electronics section whenever I feel like saving money and living better. =P

Here’s a picture of one of the baby mollies that I took yesterday or the day before:

I haven’t been able to locate the other baby molly. Maybe it died.

Mare & I will be moving at the end of next month. We’re really excited and looking forward to it. I’m also going back to school once again for some necessary certification. I’m doing something that I should have done years ago. These next couple months will be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

American Idol is back. I’ll probably end up watching it like I did last season ’cause I’m a sucker. A new episode of Bones airs tonight. The news about Conan and Leno is interesting. I wonder how that’s going to pan out.

These days will fly by, and I look forward to them doing that. Everything is falling into place nicely, and I hope they continue to do so. Peace out.

the ketchup for your do(g)

Bud Light is currently running an advertising campaign for the football season that focuses on tailgating. Television and radio commercials can be heard across the country for clever inventions that enhance the tailgating experience.

One radio commercial in particular is extra amusing to me. Check out this Jimmy Football clip:

Tailgate CompanionBud Light Tailgate Approved
Recorded from 101.5 KROX FM on 2009-10-02 with a Mambo Clamp.

“What’s missing from your tailgate party? (What?) Tail! Now with the Bud Light Tailgate Companion, your best friend (ruff!) can bring you everything you need for the party. Now when I want ketchup on my do(g), I just call my do(g). Thanks, do(g)! (ruff!) You’re welcome, football fan.”

The guy that calls his dog if he wants ketchup on his dog is so hip with the lingo that he doesn’t have to pronounce the ‘g’ in ‘dog.’ Baller.

the clumsy sighting on nbc’s heroes

On the third episode of the sixth season of Heroes, Claire’s new college friend Gretchen is flipping through one of Claire’s books. The front cover isn’t shown, but a glimpse of the back cover can be seen. The book is Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown.

Check out the back of the book that Gretchen is holding in the screenshot. Look familiar? It’s only fitting that Claire owns a copy of this book seeing that her ability is to be able to quickly heal herself from injuries. Clumsy makes an appearance on NBC! w00t!

the jeffrey brown book (clumsy) on tonight’s episode of heroes

I’ll have to watch the playback tomorrow because I only caught a glimpse of the back cover of the book, but I think Jeffrey Brown’s Clumsy made a cameo on the new episode of Heroes tonight.

Claire and her new college friend Gretchen are hanging out in Claire’s dorm room when Claire receives a call from her father. After Claire finishes the call, Gretchen is holding a copy of Clumsy and asks if she can borrow it. I didn’t see the front cover, but I caught a glimpse of the back cover.

I think it was Clumsy because of the signature tan cover and the illustration on the back cover, but I won’t be completely sure until tomorrow. One of my favorite independent comic artists has one of his books featured on a popular television drama inspired by the comic world, and I miss it while it airs! Argh! Oh well. Like I said, I’ll see it again soon and update accordingly. Peace out.

Here’s the update!

the leaky faucet

I haven’t been in a writing mood lately, but I figured that I’d post something since it’s the last day of June and I haven’t really been posting much about life in general lately.

If you were wondering about the title of this post, it’s a reference to the rerun of Wheel of Fortune that aired today. The contestant won a trip to Hawaii plus a million dollars along with all the cash she won during the game. The answer to the bonus round was ‘LEAKY FAUCET’. I thought the puzzle was too easy since the lady chose the most commonly chosen letters (C D M A) selected at the bonus round other than the default R S T L N E.

It almost seemed like they gave her the prize just to give to her. She was recently married and made up half of one of America’s status quo couples that you would see in magazines and brand-new picture frames. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bonus wheel had multiple million-dollar envelopes instead of just the one. Add that to your game show conspiracy database.

I will say that she probably won fair and square since she had to land on the wedge, get to the bonus round without landing on any bankrupt spaces, land on the million-dollar envelope(s) on the bonus wheel, and solve the bonus round puzzle.

Does Pat Sajak have a button at his feet where he stands during the game and can push it to make the wheel slow down and speed up? Think about that. He has had streaks of landing on the $5000 wedges to excite the crowd and contestants. Maybe he’s mastered the art of spinning the Wheel.

Anyway, it’s my bedtime. Even though I was born and raised in this state and have lived here my entire life, I think I truly despise hot Texas summers. The heat is unbearable. It makes me love my new tint on my car even more and hate the fact that everyone’s electricity bills can increase up to 70% (as I heard on the local news).

We’ve had a hundred-degree plus streak lately, but it finally rained a bit today. I haven’t been hitting the gym lately, because I can’t stand the heat right now. This post is a longer than I had anticipated, so it concludes here for now. Good night. Peace out.

the neverending to-do list

The Parsons table to my left is covered in clutter, and I’ve been planning on organizing it for weeks. I hope this week is the week when it finally happens.

As you can probably tell, I haven’t been updating you via this channel at all this month. Let’s just say my schedule hasn’t allowed me to spend as much time with this as usual, but I hope to change that in June.

I’ve been keeping busy lately. I got some dough from my insurance company intended to fix the hail damage in my old ’97 Accord. I decided to put that money toward replacing the tint and shocks instead. I also got my cracked windshield fixed after three years or so. Apart from the sun damage on the exterior paint, the car is looking and feeling good for a 13-year-old vehicle.

The job is going well. I still manage to get up way too early in the morning and make it to the office by 5. After I leave a little after 1, I run my errands set for the day which I’m sure I’ve outlined on a previous post or two but I might as run through it all real quick since I haven’t updated you in a while.

With the exception of the past couple weeks when a decent amount of work was being done to my car, I hit the gym after work on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I usually go after Rachael Ray is halfway done, the fishies have been fed, the ISOs have been made if necessary, and the [email protected] systems have been checked to be up and running smoothly.

Somewhat sad news: The golden dojo loach passed away recently. Time has been flying by quickly this month, but I’d say it died a week and a half ago. The Hex-5 is kind of boring right now, but I gave it a deep cleaning this past Sunday. Mare and I will be searching for a pair of loaches soon, but we’ve both been relatively busy. Now back to our scheduled programming:

On Tuesdays, I stop by the library to check out DVDs and the occasional book. They have a great system online where you can place holds on whatever media they have from any branch, and they’ll bring it to the branch of your choice. This is convenient for me, since the library is right down the street. Public libraries are one of the best incentives that an American taxpayer has in my opinion.

Wednesdays are new comic days. I like going right after work since the selection is at its best it’s going to be for the most part. Popular titles get snatched up pretty quick, but I haven’t had any issues getting my issues. Last week, a new issue of Hulk, Wolverine: Weapon X, and Young Liars was released. Due to Memorial Day, new comics come out tomorrow instead of today. The only issue coming out tomorrow that I read religiously is the new issue of X-Force. I think the Messiah War concludes in this issue. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also on Wednesdays, Mare and I have been dining out around 2 or 3. Since the semester is over, it’ll probably change up a bit. She doesn’t have to work today, so we’ll be going to Casino El Camino after Wheel this evening to stuff ourselves with their famous ginormous burgers. I haven’t had it yet, but I know it’s gonna rock my gut in a good way. On a related note, we’ll be compiling info on a piece that I’ll be publishing here about our favorite¬† burger joints in Austin once we’ve completed our follow-up rounds. Stay tuned for that.

Also in future news, a design update for this Soapbox has been planned for this summer. This update should be deployed around late July so also look forward to that. Let’s wrap up the week’s routine and Wheel should be on in a bit.

That’s right. 6:30pm CST on NBC DTV is one of my all-time favorite shows Wheel of Fortune. I don’t like missing it. In related television news, how about Danny on Hell’s Kitchen schooling Paula?! I was rooting for him since the beginning, and I’m glad he won. He did the best out and had the right attitude to win it.

Also, I’m glad Adam didn’t win American Idol. I was rooting for Danny, but he got third place unfortunately. Well, it can be seen as a good thing since Danny’s votes probably shifted to Kris which then outnumbered Adam’s. I don’t care much at all about the future of the Idols, but I started watching the show between day jobs so I was into it ’til the end this season.

Since most of the fall seasons have ended, I’m watching the first season of Mad Men which I’m really enjoying and recently finished watch the first season of Eastbound and Down which was well done as well. I look forward to the next seasons of those two shows.

On Fridays, I like to go out to the Hideout and chat with my posse. GMN and DDF are in Cali right now. I’m envious that they got to have Double Doubles from In-N-Out! I’ll visit Cali again some day, and I will sink my teeth into a Double Double before I die.

Five minutes ’til Wheel. I’m gonna end this here so I can proofread it real quick then publish. This was fun. I’m glad you missed me. Maybe I’ll write some more tomorrow. We’ll see. Peace out.