the luck

Last night was a little different than my usual Friday nights. The lady’s been out of town since Tuesday, so the Bustaburger night was canceled for the week.

With the plans null for the evening, I decided to join some of my co-workers for some beers at a nearby bar. In the same area as the bar is an ATM machine. I decided that I was going to pull a twenty out and approached the ATM before I went into the bar.

As I walked up to the ATM, I noticed someone had left their receipt where the receipts spit out. Poor fellow. He had pulled some cash out of the machine and had a measly seventy-something dollars left in his bank account. That’s kinda crappy considering that rent’s gonna be due in a little over a week. Maybe he’ll be getting paid this coming Friday.

Back to the story: I put my debit card into the ATM and was about to put in my PIN when I heard a mechanical chomping sound. I glance down at the slot where the money comes out and notice that the same person that had left his receipt still hanging from the machine had left his cash: two twenty-dollar bills.

So I took the money. I was a little afraid that it could have been a setup with a 5-0’s car in the next parking lot over and the possibility of someone sitting in their car watching. But I did what Steve Miller would have done and took the money and ran… well, I actually nonchalantly walked to the bar. What else was I going to do? It’s like finding a five-dollar bill in the street! Are you just gonna leave it there?

I used it to buy an import to start off my night followed by a few pitchers for my friends and the rest went towards tipping the bartender. Free drinks taste absolutely wonderful.

That’s my luck for you. If you think what I did was wrong, then I’d like to know what you would have done. Leave a comment otherwise I’ll assume you have done the same thing. Peace out.

By the way, Shooter is an excellent movie, one of the best films I’ve seen this summer. This movie is by the same director who did Training Day and was definitely an exciting film to watch from start to finish. I had never seen The Cooler either until today and that’s a really good watch, too.

the year

Yesterday marked a year that I’ve been working the job I currently have. The day went by very similar to other days. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been working this job for that long.

I guess my reward was the paid holiday off on Independence Day which rounded off this week very well. A two-day weekend followed by two days of work followed by a day off followed by two days of work with the second day being payday followed by another two-day weekend. Glorious! It’s already Friday.

As usual, my plans for the weekend aren’t set. I plan on getting the right chemicals to eradicate the algae in my aquarium. I plan on changing the water for ten betta bowls and one five-gallon aquarium. Then, clean my living quarters that consists of dish-washing, vacuuming, garbage removal, tabletop-wiping and mild dusting.

I also plan to get my Debian system running some sort of Windows emulator. To my dismay, Wine hasn’t been updated to support 64-bit Debian systems so I’m SOL with that. I did, however, obtain CodeWeavers CrossOver Professional for Linux which seems like a much better solution for what I’m looking for.

I figured out how to get Samba working correctly in my network which gave me a good feeling. I also got Nero Linux 3, because K3b and GnomeBaker just weren’t satisfying enough for me. My DVD writer works again, and 200GB of disk space has been added to the network.

I also retrieved 1,385 points from [email protected] My last two work units returned an error, but I looked into it and discovered a program that corrected one of the work units to be sent on. The other work unit expired unfortunately, but all is good now that I know what to do if another error occurs. Sacrifices must be made some times in order to learn.

Zeitgeist is an awesome album. Smashing Pumpkins have returned, and I am very content with their new release.

Michael Bay’s Transformers movie was fantastic. I am very willing to see it in the theatre again. This action-packed film is an amazing answer to the robots in the disguise. The CGI is amazing, and the movie was done very well.

This week has been one of the better weeks in a very long time. A year at the job, paid holiday, payday, learning new things computer-related, Zeitgeist, Transformers, the weekend in less than 24 hours and a free canvas that I’m gonna own for years… what a spectacular week I’ve had.

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the break

Sig and I broke our usual routine last night to attend PK’s birthday gathering at Trudy’s Northstar. We indulged ourselves in fried Tex-Mex deliciousness, a break from Whataburger. Sig had a Cuban Martini, which is a whole shaker’s worth of Mojito. I consumed a half-gallon of water.

I’ve been assigned to train someone this past week as a cashier at my job. This has made my week inadvertently difficult because whenever I go to work I have to try to complete my tasks as well as explain my actions in a timely fashion. The problem is that she is not the most friendly person to be around and seems to have a problem with all of my co-workers, especially the ones I am closest with.

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the daytime celebrity

Today was my first day off of work in six days, eight shifts, and forty hours. Some of those hours could have been prevented had a certain coworker of mine had not ended up in a certain correctional facility. It was relieving not to be filling drinks, making salads, and slicing pies all day long. I took time to enjoy the new Strung Out album, Blackhawks Over Los Angeles. I also spent some time indulging in televised civil court shows. I heard today that Judge Judy is listed as #59 on the Forbes Top 100 Daytime Celebrities list. She personally grosses 30 million dollars a year from her show.

Last week I earned a free movie ticket to Regal Cinemas by helping my boss carry boxes to the dumpster during the middle of a lightning storm. I look forward to using it in the upcoming weeks either on the animated comedy about penguins, Surf’s Up, or on the new Cusack film, 1408. The movie is based on a novel by Stephen King, and despite my unrequited love for John, should scare a brick’s worth out of me.

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the catch-22

I consider myself a diligent worker. I have a hard time picking up other people’s slack to save my own ass when it saves theirs as well.

I’m pointing out those who take too long to get easy tasks complete ’cause they’re too busy daydreaming or not focusing. Either that or they’re that slow, and that’s a quality that shouldn’t be rewarded.

The individual statistics go into full effect soon, and the actual truths will be revealed. Those with the powers to promote, reprimand and terminate will see who’s really pulling their weight.

Before dinner tonight, I opened the floodgates to Mare and Kent. The picture is clear, but the ones with authority don’t see it as clearly as they should. I don’t want to be that guy, so I’m just going to let actions speak for themselves.

I had the temptation of letting my thoughts slip to the boss’s boss when I train for something tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see how I’m feeling when the moment arrives. I’m predicting that I’ll hint enough if given the opportunity but won’t be completely direct about it. Don’t hate me. I feel everyone should finish what they’re assigned in a decent amount of time, and watching slowpokes be slowpokes and slackers be slackers is really wearing on me. You can go jerk off or whatever you feel like doing on your time, but if you need to pay the bills and eat, then you need to earn your meal ticket rightfully.

(.tfel ruoy ot dne eht no eno eht dna thgir
ym ot yug eht tuoba s’eno siht, C&W)

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the second job & the legal ride

Watching The Sopranos is like having a part-time job late at night alongside the full-time job I already have. We completed the third disc tonight with one more to go before we get to Part 2. K$ had a good point. Why did they go with calling it Season 6 Part 2 instead of Season 7? They didn’t have “parts” for the previous five, right?

Today is technically Friday. Today is payday. Today is the last day of the work week before the Memorial Day weekend. I hope the weather clears up and the humidity subsides.

I have a bulletin board waiting to be hung up and a sign I had custom-made waiting to be lacquered and hung up. Life is good apart from the usual monotony.

My car is finally legal. On Tuesday, Mare & I went by Nelda’s to renew my registration and have her car’s title changed over to her name. I had to be at work by 3, so Mare took care of getting my car inspected. The sticker expired April of last year, so I’ve been driving illegally for some time.

I took my car for inspection back in October to some shady place (Shell on southbound 183 before the Braker light. Yeah, I’m calling you douchebags out!), and they wouldn’t pass the car yet we have big ol’ gas-guzzling SUVs and shit-kicker trucks rolling all over this state hurting the ozone layer much worse than my sedan. I took my car the first time, and it failed. The second time they fed me bullshit about their machine being down. The third time I went in, the person helping me was getting everything ready and some ¢unt that was behind the counter was telling him the machine was still down when it supposedly wasn’t. They “inspected” my car, and I was fed the same shit. I haven’t had any problems with my car for the 2+ years I’ve had it, and the check engine light is not on. I knew they just wanted to keep the inspection fee rather than have to pay it when they passed my car.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to take my vehicle to Carmichael which I should have done in the first place.

I still get that paranoia with the cops and my stickers being out, but the car’s legal again so the feeling will go away soon.

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the glitch

This week has been very redundant.

I go to bed late.

I wake up late.

I have enough time after I wake up to lounge around, eat something and/or get ready for work.

I drive to work, which usually takes me less than ten minutes.

I’m already running a minute or two or three late, and I arrive to work.

I work my eight hours, and I usually cut it somewhere between two to five minutes after eleven.

I drive home from work.

I enjoy a late night meal.

I watch The Sopranos on DVD.

I stay up late wasting my time on the computer or if it’s too late, I lay in bed ’til I fall asleep.

I do the routine over again.

This is how it has been Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

I’m wondering if today will be the same. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

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