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the luck

Last night was a little different than my usual Friday nights. The lady’s been out of town since Tuesday, so the Bustaburger night was canceled for the week. With the plans null for the evening, I decided to join some of my co-workers for some beers at a nearby bar. In the same area as […]

the year

Yesterday marked a year that I’ve been working the job I currently have. The day went by very similar to other days. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been working this job for that long. I guess my reward was the paid holiday off on Independence Day which rounded off this week very well. A […]

the break

Sig and I broke our usual routine last night to attend PK’s birthday gathering at Trudy’s Northstar. We indulged ourselves in fried Tex-Mex deliciousness, a break from Whataburger. Sig had a Cuban Martini, which is a whole shaker’s worth of Mojito. I consumed a half-gallon of water. I’ve been assigned to train someone this past […]

the daytime celebrity

Today was my first day off of work in six days, eight shifts, and forty hours. Some of those hours could have been prevented had a certain coworker of mine had not ended up in a certain correctional facility. It was relieving not to be filling drinks, making salads, and slicing pies all day long. […]

the catch-22

I consider myself a diligent worker. I have a hard time picking up other people’s slack to save my own ass when it saves theirs as well. I’m pointing out those who take too long to get easy tasks complete ’cause they’re too busy daydreaming or not focusing. Either that or they’re that slow, and […]

the second job & the legal ride

Watching The Sopranos is like having a part-time job late at night alongside the full-time job I already have. We completed the third disc tonight with one more to go before we get to Part 2. K$ had a good point. Why did they go with calling it Season 6 Part 2 instead of Season […]

the glitch

This week has been very redundant. I go to bed late. I wake up late. I have enough time after I wake up to lounge around, eat something and/or get ready for work. I drive to work, which usually takes me less than ten minutes. I’m already running a minute or two or three late, […]