the stretch before the finishing line

The last third of the Fall semester is currently in progress. After these few weeks go by, I will be on the verge of the last quarter of my program. I’ll be glad when it’s over. The balancing act with a full-time job, attending classes, and everything else that keeps me occupied has been wearing me out all year long.

2010 is almost over, and I definitely feel like I have done plenty. Next year will be bringing more permanent changes, and I’m definitely looking forward to every bit. Everyone around me has supported me very well, and all I ask is that everything else that doesn’t contribute or even matter would just Shift+Delete. I know that’s asking too much, but the pieces will fall into place soon and no independent force can keep any of this from happening. Absolutely beautiful.

the psyche rummage

This is my last Monday before I take on sixteen weeks of a computer-immersed all-day nightmare buffet. Anything productive I do except read comics involves the machines that coexist with us every single second we spend in this parallel. We easily spot those notebooks with those square buttons and flat squares that glow and those boxes that hum with wires attached to another glowing square, but how about all the little ones in appliances and other electronic devices? I don’t have the energy to really get into it. Bedtime.

I’m watching Hard Candy. I remember this movie being a dialog-driven situational mindf–k, and it’s getting that way as this is being typed in another window on the same screen ’cause the JW199D pwnz.

I’ve been doing more relaxing than usual these past couple weeks, but that only means I’ve only left slightly bigger gaps in the whole to-do. I look forward to the next learning phase in the Fall, the second to the last, the heart of what I need to move forward along in my career path (and hopefully some better weather alongside).

The point in my life where I have an idea of what I’m going to do with myself is closer than ever. That happier repetition is just around the corner. A little more mini-golf, a continued indulgence in Texas BBQ and chicken wings, the growth of what has already been going on for decades now: my abstract? Ellen Page’s teenage character in Hard Candy has gone berserk on the guy tied to the chair, and he’s screaming for help.

When I punch the keys, I’m working. Makin’ it rain… peanuts. Actually, it’s much better than I expected ’cause the 4th anniversary of this psyche rummage is next week. Ha! Peace out.

the volatility of humans being robots

Today was as relaxing as a day could get. Tomorrow begins the routine of waking up around six in the morning to get to work by seven in the morning and become one with the machine until three in the afternoon. Summer heat decided to show up later in the year, so the three-digit temperatures are here to make the outdoors during the day miserable. Mini-golf yesterday would have been so much more fun if the heat didn’t constantly make the sweat run into my eyes.

Every weekday between seven and three, my ears are filled with electronic listening instruments attached to a device that absorbs radio waves to fill my head with sounds of radio personalities talking about anything and hit songs being played over and over. Only a fraction of my skill set is used at my place of employment. I am not challenged, but I use my earnings to help sustain my everyday living. For now, I am OK with this.

the cherenkov effect

This is a week to be overdriven. A learning experience is zoned in on upcoming exams and project deadlines. Tonight will be most focused on making progress on what was technically fallen behind on. The escalated stress level was kept dismissed for weeks and then absorbed like a life force of its own right about now. That’s what occupies a week day in and day out until the week is restarted for another seven-day adventure.

Naps double the week. The morning to mid-afternoon segment is spent as devotion to day job monotony. The evenings are spent as a pupil of an educational institution to apply more brightness and contrast to a future around the corner. A short night of sleep restarts the cycle and wedged in the possible voids are couch potatoes, rarely seen social butterflies, and human-machine symbiosis.

the neon tsetse fly

Howdy, Summer. Your UV rays and unbearable heat have returned. grrr.

My summer learning session is halfway over. These weeks go by fast, and the weekends only go by faster. All I do is sleep, work, learn, think, view, brainstorm, plan, participate, design, and respect these days. That’s A-OK. I’m sure that’s not all I do, but I’d say it’s my Bloom’s Taxonomy of My Daily Routine.

You have to do what you have to do to make that bread.

the summer of cognitive enhancement

This past 3-day weekend was very relaxing and much needed. To make my hours at work, I had to work a couple extra hours each day this workweek. Thank goodness tomorrow’s Friday. This weekend’s gonna be extra busy then back to the usual grind too soon after.

My 9-week summer session started up this week. I’m taking a class online and a classroom+lab class. I see this semester whizzing by since it ends during the last week of July. The two courses I am taking are much more interesting than the previous semester. I’m still waiting on a couple books to arrive in the mail, but they should be here this upcoming week.

Books can cost upwards of $100 or more each, but I usually expect to get my college books for these prices:

If you can’t read the total price, it reads $22.71. College books don’t retain their value at all.

I’m up way too late right now, but I’m really looking forward to Saturday if all goes well. Roller coasters + more BBQ! Peace out.

the purpose of glowworms

You know that feeling you get when the blocks are stacked high in Tetris and you’re about to lose but you try your best to save yourself? Is that how my life is going? Nope. Life to me right now is one Tetris after another.

My last day of the Spring semester is tomorrow. I have a final exam and a project that I need to finish, but they’re in the bag as long as I don’t bomb which I definitely don’t plan on doing. I’ll then have a couple weeks to wrap my head around everything else that’s been on the backburner and savor some ennui a little bit before going back for more brain wrinkles for the summer session.

I’m meeting my goddaughter for the first time this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t been out of town in months, and this weekend brings an end to the cycle. Will the best barbacoa tacos in the universe be waiting for me when I reach Point B? I believe so.

I enjoy watching my work slowly reach fruition and enjoy the positive energy generated even more. With that said, it’s that time again to work on something else. Peace out.