the next day follow-up to the job hunt continues

I rose out of bed about 6:40 this morning. I ate some bread, drank some water, showered, dressed, left the apartment about 7:15, and drove to the place I told I would deliver for during the Valentine’s Day holiday rush.

At 8:00, the ten of us that showed up filled out some information, had a brief training session, and each took a delivery. The volume today was much lower than anticipated, but tomorrow through Saturday will be much busier.

I took a delivery way west of the store’s location. It took me a while, but I don’t think they really care unless you’re taking way too long. They clocked me out at 9:40, and I was done for the day. That was almost nothing for a return to the work life. I’m sure tomorrow and the next couple days will be different.

Tomorrow, I can only deliver until 2-2:30 in the afternoon. The company I interviewed with on Tuesday wants me to interview with a different manager at 3:00 for a different position that would better suit me based on my skills and previous work experience. I’m really looking forward to it. I really hope they hire me, because the nature of the business is very similar to what I was doing at my previous day job and I’d fit well with this company.

I’d say coming in for a second interview with a company is a good sign that they’d want to hire me, but I can’t count the chickens before they hatch. I’ll update you again tomorrow to let you know how it went. Peace out.

the job hunt continues

Today marks the fourth week since I left the corporate hell where I dedicated two and a half years of my work life. Fortunately, it seems that the vacation is coming to an end because the job offers are finally coming together.

Last Friday, I interviewed with a coffeeshop for a barista job. As soon as I returned home from the interview, I dug a little deeper about this company that I had a good chance of getting employed by. As it turns out, the owner is a mean guy (see: jerk). When customers take the effort to comment about his bad attitude on popular review sites, then it’s apparent that he would not be an ideal person to work for.

The owner got back to me yesterday, but I’m not going to take the job. He wanted me to come in today when I had another interview to attend, so I asked to reschedule but haven’t heard back yet. Even if I do, I’ll be declining this minimum wage plus tips job. It’s out of my scope, I applied based on a desperate feeling, and I’m passed this type of employment as far as I’m concerned. The media has a way of scaring the unemployed when they discuss the state of the economy.

I took my third data entry assessment test today and did well once again. This one was followed by a short interview that lead to the result that I was overqualified for the position I was applying for based on previous work experience. The office manager said that I’d have to attend a second interview with a different manager later this week. My fingers are crossed.

Tomorrow morning at eight in the morning will be the end of my four-week vacation. I’ve taken up a temporary delivery driver position to help out during the Valentine’s Day holiday. I got this very short-term job a couple weeks ago, and the time has arrived to deliver overpriced arrangements from one loved person to another. Without this corporate holiday, I wouldn’t be doing this so I’m thankful. Other than that, this holiday is overrated and passes in the blink of an eye.

The job hunt continues. I have not solidified my day job yet, but I’m feeling good about this place I interviewed with today. I also took an assessment test yesterday and waiting to hear back from that company. I also have a couple handfuls of applications and résumés floating around, so something should find me soon. If a couple more weeks go by and I’m still empty-handed, then I’ll push the panic button and shift the job hunt into high gear. Peace out.

the necessary reboot

Howdy. I hope you had an excellent New Year’s celebration. A few weeks have passed, since I’ve updated this. One of my resolutions that I plan to stand by is to write more in this than the past nine months if the variables are right. This post will be a big update, so I hope you’re ready to lend me a few minutes of your time.

The holidays have come and gone. At the end of December, I took my first trip out of town in 2008. Mare fronted me a ticket to Raleigh to spend the Christmas holiday with her family. My flight left on the 23rd, and we returned on the 29th.

In-between, I enjoyed being in another state and away from the chaos of my day job. I had the opportunity to sleep in and do next to nothing without feeling guilty about any of it. We watched movies every night and drank coffee every chance we had. The vacation was very relaxing and much-needed.

I read Watchmen for the first time during the break which was an excellent novel. I’m eager to see the movie. I read Bukowski’s Post Office during the plane rides and at the airports which was a fun and easy read.

I did my best not to think about work and how chaotic it has become, but I ended up doing so much contemplating and devising. I spent plenty of time deciding my next move when I returned to Austin and back to work on Tuesday.

When we returned to Austin on Monday night, K picked us up from the airport and we dined at Pluckers. K and I had the all-you-can-eat special and got our money’s worth. We took another glimpse at the Wall of Flame to make sure our Polaroids were still hanging… all three of them. I told K the news that you’re about to read in the next paragraph.

During the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I composed one of the last opuses that I would write for the corporate entity I spent two and a half years of my life employed with. I typed up my letter of resignation, my two weeks notice.

I only got a few hours of sleep that night and that would cause a chain reaction on my health over the next six days mixed with the stress of making such a big decision for my future and my career.

I was eager to get the discussions over with when I submitted my two weeks notice on Tuesday. I told my immediate supervisor and the manager above him via email that we needed to talk. I also alerted the HR manager, but I was more clear in my message to her. She was the first to respond. We had a half-hour discussion, and I poured my heart out to her. It worked as a practice round; The points were made and she understood.

My manager’s manager was who the two weeks notice was addressed to, and I really wanted to speak to him initially but he was tied up in meetings most of the day. I had a long discussion with my supervisor next. The cards were laid out on the table, and he also understood.

I finally got to chat with the VP of my department, the addressee on my letter of resignation, along with my supervisor in the VP’s office. The VP was initially shocked but could understand. I reiterated for the third time that day the reasons for my decision, and he was able to understand. He gave me options, but he could tell that I wasn’t going to stay.

That was December 30th. The next couple days were company holidays, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Lucky me. I intended to return to the office on Friday the 2nd, but the cold that started fifteen minutes before I was to leave the office that I probably caught on one of the plane rides got the best of me.

I called in and wrote an email on Friday morning. I felt weak and ill when I woke up and could not gather the strength or energy to make it into the office. I rested for four more hours and worked from home for what would have been the rest of my work day. I did not get as much done as I planned, but it was a half-day plus I was ill. The two-day company holiday became a five-day break for me along with the extended break I took the week before. Bonus.

As much relaxing I did for all of these days, my head has still not cleared. This is the main reason for leaving the company. I’ve become too obsessed with it, and it has detached me from almost everything else in life. I want it all back. I want to leave this behind me. The nature of the beast has become too overwhelming that it has affected my mental stability, and I need to seek other opportunities.

My last day with the company is going to be Tuesday the 13th. Tomorrow will be the first day of my last full week. I have a lot of documentation and training to do along with my daily tasks. This is the result of a lack of resources, talent and determination in a department where a good portion of the burden rests on select individuals.

I entered that place with an expiration date. I knew when I needed to go, and the time has arrived. I’m ready to move on. I need to return to the simple life. I need to not have as much responsibility for a day job as I have been given. I need to gather myself and enjoy life once again. I need to spend more time with my family and friends. These are my resolutions not just for this year but for many years to come.

the days you never want to end

Saturday and Sunday have come and gone. I always dread when these days end, because the weekend is too short compared to the work week ahead.

This weekend was enjoyable for a change. It usually goes by before I really get a chance to grasp it, but I think I had some good use of it this time around.

Friday night was my company’s holiday party. It was a casino night party. The food was much better than last year, but I would say last year’s party was much more fun.

Mare and I played blackjack with a couple co-workers and then left early to go downtown to enjoy the rest of night. We had some drinks at Creekside Lounge on 7th. Surprisingly, their drink prices are very decent and the bartenders know how to make them. A couple DJs were spinning. The music was loud as you’d expect from a downtown bar on a Friday night. Before we knew it, the whole place was packed with people. That was the signal to close out the tab and call it a night.

Of course, the late night munchies after drinking surfaced. Mare and I went to Jack in the Box for some 2am breakfast. We also had to get some bacon cheddar potato wedges, because those are the best late night fast food drive-thru fries that I’ve found anywhere in town. Please let me know if you know any better fries that you can get at a drive-thru open at 2 in the morning, but I’ll be doubtful. They also had a new menu item we had to try: mini-churros. They were decent for late night dessert.

On Saturday, I cleaned the Hex 5 aquarium. I cleaned up the wires behind the television set. I went to the Crown and Anchor Pub for the first time in a few months and had an excellent time. We had a decent-sized posse present, and more fun is always to be had with strength in numbers.

On Sunday, I did the two to three times a year deep cleaning of the betta bowls. I finally beat Portal. I haven’t beaten a video game in years, and it’s a good feeling and was definitely worth the effort. I’m working on Half-Life 2 now. I read the first issue of Watchmen. DC has reprinted this series and will be releasing the 12 issues weekly until the movie is shown in theatres on March 6th. I’ve been hesitant to get the graphic novel, but I’ve decided to collect the single re-issues.

In less than eight hours, I will be back to my occupation as an office zombie. I should have VPN’ed today but decided to enjoy my entire weekend instead. I feel it is my obligation to worry about work when it’s time to work or when work needs to be done and relax when everything work-wise is mostly stable.

Mare will be going to North Carolina on Wednesday. I will be going next Wednesday. I finally get a much-needed vacation elsewhere. This year really came and went. I’m glad I will be able to get some time away from this town real soon. Peace out.

the decrescendo

The days have been numb, and my holiday spirit been mostly non-existent. When your job is to manage multiple projects simultaneously, it can be overwhelming. When more projects are  added to the pile, then it turns into a nightmare. When the allotted time to rest is consumed, I hang on the edge of the dreamworld begging to stay.

What’s going on at work is relatively under control right now, but it will go out of control again any day now. My vacation is so close, but the road to the beginning is filled with potholes.

I’ve contemplated quitting my job more times than ever in this past month’s worth of days. The workload may become too much to handle, and we do not enough competent and organized enough employees to make this any easier.

The beginning of this upcoming July will mark my third year of working for the same company. Depending on my mindset in the next three to six months, I may see myself polishing up my résumé or stuck in my wormhole of a job for much longer than I had planned.

The weekend is taking way too long to arrive. I’m glad work tomorrow will be the most laid back day in weeks. We have our holiday party in the evening which I am attending more as an obligation than anything.

TGIF. Peace out.

the candy bars and soda for brunch

After a splendid four-day vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday, Monday returned which meant that the 40-hour work week was back in session. The painful monotony goes a little something like this:

  • Sleep.
  • Wake up.
  • Shower.
  • Dress.
  • Grab a candy bar and a soda.
  • Hop in my car.
  • Drive to work.
  • Work.
  • Drink a soda and eat a candy bar for brunch.
  • Work more than eight hours at the office *or* go home and work a little more after a few hours of unwinding and eating dinner (The second option is much preferred).
  • Repeat until EOD Friday.

The cycle may start on Sunday nights with work before the normal cycle commences on Monday.

If they knew what I was thinking, then they would stop believing I was a robot.

the double-double permanently alters your soul

This four-day weekend was much needed.

Yesterday went well. Thanksgiving dinner was a success. The turkey that Mary carefully basted throughout its cooking time turned out excellent. We had way more food than the stomachs could hold, but everyone enjoyed the meal.

On Friday, I was sort of lazy but did some productive things here and there throughout the day. It was wonderful not being at work. Work has been eating me alive lately, but I try my best not to think about it.

I am ever so grateful that this weekend has two more days left for me to unwind and not worry so much about how short it is and how the next work day is around the corner.

At the end of the year, I will be taking some extra days off along with the days off we get for the holiday season. I will be spending the Christmas holiday with Mary’s family in North Carolina. I’m glad that I will be away from Austin for a little bit, because as far as I can recall, I did not leave town at all this year. How pathetic is that. Last year, I visited Corpus Christi. I went to San Antonio to watch the Alkaline Trio play at the White Rabbit. I attended four weddings and a funeral: one wedding was in New York, one was in Oklahoma, and one was in California.

This year was full of how work took over my life. They moved me up the ladder, and I found myself being given so much responsibility that the thought of relieving my mind of any of it for more than a weekend was absurd. So that’s one of the main reasons why I didn’t have any real vacations this year.

They depend on me too much where I work. It’s annoying. I contemplate all the time about what it would take to free me from being chained to that company, and it will be more difficulty than any previous employment I’ve had. I want to move on, but they’ve strategically placed me in a situation where I’m stuck for the time being.

So with that said, I will enjoy the rest of this splendid weekend. I’ll have to virtually stop in at the office a couple more times for a few hours before Monday arrives, but that’s OK with me because it keeps the pile of work from growing out of control. Peace out.