the prodibase max

WP tells me this is the 1000th time the post-writing skeleton has been set up. A while has gone by, my friends.

[from a sticky note that has been sitting on my desk since its date, February 10th.]

2:37a 2/10/8
the prodibase max
250w video recording device from the
’70s that recorded onto hot dogs

From Tim Lindenschmidt’s World’s Longest Hot Dog | source: Wikipedia

I was up late one night, and Mare had fallen asleep but briefly woke up long enough to tell me about the prodibase max, a 250-watt video recording device from the ’70s that recorded onto hot dogs. 😀

the screaming in my head

My day job has consumed me. I’m out of bed at 9am (8am tomorrow) to attend the office at 10am. Between 6-7pm, I leave the office and try to not think about work. This begins on a Monday and does not end until Friday.

As I pull through the eight grueling hours of being in a production environment, a couple voices are constantly going off in my head. One is the sharp guy that can speak through his mouth and click&type with his hands. This is the guy that got me in this vortex.

The other guy was always around, but he was usually quiet. My work life was relatively easy and mundane. My duties could be done with the least effort as long as everything was in place for the most part. He started screaming today. He can scream in such long intervals that it starts to sound like white noise to me. When it seems like he has stopped, he starts right back up again.

To answer if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise, yes.

These weeks are rough. I can’t write these all the time ’cause all this typing and clicking here and at work is going to permanently damaged my wrists. When those cybernetic parts become too advanced to pass up, I’m in.

PBS had this segment on humans being able to control machines with their minds through an electrode-type implant in the cortex. It seems odd at first, but it’s no different as you reading and translating these characters and taking a split-second more notice at the period at the end of this sentence. 282… I’ll take it.

NaNoWriMo is in progress, but I’m not participating. My creative juicebox is drier than a desert, and my day job has consumed. (Yeah, that’s how he opened this post.)

Goodnight. Wish me luck. Peace out.

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

I’ve had the same day job for over two years. Up until last November, I worked from 3pm to 11pm, the perfect shift for a night owl. During my two-week job transition, I was actually working a second job a couple days a week from midnight to 4. I was going to school as well, so I was busy.

After having proved myself as one of the real workers, I moved into a different role for the company and had my schedule changed to 12pm to 8pm, an even sweeter schedule because a night owl gets to enjoy the entire night.

Recently, I’ve moved up another notch into a manager role. My schedule has changed again to 10am to 6pm, not the sweetest schedule for a night owl and way too similar to the hypnotic 9 to 5.

Since earlier this year, I was having to do the 9 to 5 on Thursdays for a conference call with a business partner. The idea is to have personality and enjoy the sound of each other’s human voices… or at least that’s how I translate it. I don’t like the idea, because most of the communication is being done the way you are soaking this into your head right now… yeah, that’s right, thru writing, in this case, communication via email.

I also think the idea relates to the dependency we have for each other, but that is how business partners work. I’m still doing this Thursday 9 to 5 routine, and I loathe it every Wednesday night, but I actually pulled together tonight to write this for you ’cause you love every word.

I haven’t been writing serious compositions lately in this sanctuary. Is it much of a sanctuary? Well, it’s been a decent sanctuary for two years and counting. It’s October. It’s Fall. It’s Autumn. My brain’s brewing again. The air is getting crisper.

Post Challenge anyone? A post a day? Will this guy be able to keep up with everything on his mind and everything he owes everyone with compassion? You tell me. Maybe this month will be exciting enough. Peace out.

the compliment of talking about questionable charms

Here are some quick highlights for each category to keep you in the loop.

life: wake up, go to work, go home, eat my one good meal for the weekday with Mare, stay up ’til it’s time to go to sleep, sleep, repeat until the weekend, then the weekend flies by in two days and the cycle begins again.

comics: (new this week on the reading list of Sig & Mare) Cable #6, Hulk #5, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, Echo #5, The Amory Wars (volume 2) #3

computers: c0rey is back up and running. ASUS is giving me a bad time for not getting a tracking number for my RMA, so I purchased an ABIT mobo compatible with my Phenom and it’s performing better than ever minus the strange start/restart ritual it likes to go through when loading Ubuntu. k0rma & 1nertia are scheduled to move offsite which will either happen tomorrow or some time over the weekend. Diode has been upgraded with a Maxtor 750GB SATA II/300 internal hard drive with 32MB cache for a total of 1TB disk space. w00t!

DVDs: One of the August project is to back up K$’s collection.

food and recipes: I tried Dan’s Hamburgers for the first time a couple weeks ago, and they are so much better than Mighty Fine and cost so much less, too! Dan’s has made my Top 5 burgers in Austin. I’m still finalizing that list, but off the top of my head in no particular order: Dirty Martin’s, Burger Tex, The Crown and Anchor Pub, Bagpipes, and now Dan’s. Suggestions are welcome.

movies: The last one I saw in the theater was The Dark Knight at Alamo. Joe finished his short film, but I can’t indulge you with the details ’til after it’s official screening.

music: Delay the Inevitable (DxTxI) is an amazing band.

work: Same ol’ gig that pays the bills. I have a review and a raise pending, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

That’s what I have for now. I really want to update this more often, but we’ll see. Peace out.

the alley oop

I finally had the chance to watch Semi-Pro on DVD tonight. I enjoyed it. I don’t watch enough comedies. I’m looking forward to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight tomorrow night.

I’m winding up for that explosion I mentioned at the end of last month. I’ve just been really hesitant to sit at the computer working at home like I do at work, and updating what you’re reading here right now can feel like work sometimes.

I’ll give you the quick life update, since I’m not sure when I’ll be writing in this again (but I will soon I promise!).

Work is pretty much the same as usual. Tomorrow is my literal nine to five, but I can enjoy the afternoon into the evening with the few extra hours I get to savor. Thursdays fly so fast, too. Then it’s Friday then the weekend. My workload has been lightening up some, and it’s not so hectic as it was a few months ago. I still have to deal with fixing human error all the time, but that’s part of the job description.

I’ve been trying to read more and more. I’m into the third chapter of The Worthing Saga which isn’t very far but it’s the farthest I’ve gotten in a novel in a long time and these chapters are long.

I’m working through reading my recent back issues of series that are still going right now. Let me just mention a few: Young Liars, Cable, X-Force, Young X-Men, 1985, The End League, Transhuman, Omega the Unknown, and Hulk. Those are the fresh titles I’m keeping up with right now. Uncanny X-Men #500 comes out next week, and it has something like four variant covers of course. One is by Alex Ross, but I’m sure that’ll be one of the rare ones. I’m just going for the one the regular one, because I only read Uncanny X-Men in 1991 when they were about to hit the 300th issue. You know… when Bishop made his first appearance in #282.

I’ve also got a stack of Asimov pulp that I’ll be slowly churning through for summer reading.

I RMA’ed c0rey’s motherboard. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, but I’m too focused on getting this done and going to sleep to wake up way too early tomorrow for work to check if I did or not. They said a ten business-day turnaround. It’s been way longer than that. I called them up, because their RMA search engine does not work at all for me. They know they have it, but they told me that they’re still working on it. I hope it shows up next week. It’s been too long.

The Twin Machines are doing well. k0rma folds 24/7 now. When they’re both on, the case gets way too hot. I haven’t fired on 1nertia in days, because the fan on the heatsink it too loud for my taste when the processor is on full load. I’m thinking of getting a silent HSF, but I’m still thinking about it. The one on c0rey is pretty quiet. I’ve also been looking at a Thermaltake, but I have that dilemma of having an X2 5200+ with 1MB L2 cache that gets really toasty and the Thermaltake I’m looking at is really designed for low-wattage processors.

Gas has practically hit four bucks a gallon. I have posts from not too long ago where I’m surprised it was three bucks a gallon. The summer is too hot for me. I’m not really an outdoors person during the summer except at night.

I’m reaching the end of my ramble ’cause I’m done with things to type for tonight. Peace out.

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the chicken club chalupa

[ [ [ Countdown to 3hirty Posts in April: TWO! ] ] ]

A DVD is backed up over the network. The data is transferred to Diode, the alway-folding Debian system that hums quietly all day.

Work went by fast, but it was busy enough to be considered a stressfest. I’m glad to be back at the apartment, but Mare and I still have to make a stop by the Bust before our free DVD coupon expires as well as exchange a title after the backup completes.

Tomorrow is the early day, and again, I’m not looking forward to it. I will be in bed before 1AM, but I still have one more post to promise you after this.

I’m eagerly waiting for my new machine to arrive. I’m ready to assemble it. I’m ready to stay up all night relaxing to bringing something to life. It’s very therapeutic. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be building another one by the end of the year.

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. I’m excited. Mare and I will be on the road by 9AM to be one of the early birds to snag up some of that good stuff. The comic-collecting community is made up mostly of very nice people, so I am happy to be part of it. Now, I haven’t had experience on the creator standpoint, but maybe some day soon.

Mare and I had some amazing T. Bell. Their bacon club chalupa is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says. I love it. It was missing for a while, but they brought it back. I know it’s a specialty item that’s only around periodically like Whataburger’s T&H, but when it’s around, I’m on it. I’m gonna eat it at least once a week ’til it disappears from the menu again. If it becomes a permanent menu item, then it’s on!

73%. This disc’s copying over quick. I’m gonna end this rant here, and one more will follow before midnight. For now, peace out.