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the economic stimulus act of 2008

In May, citizens across the country will benefit from the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. Uncle Sam and friends put this together to avoid a possible recession. People who qualify will receive a $600 bonus check from the government to do whatever they want with it. I see myself paying bills with it, and many […]

the 9 to 4

I had to get up wicked early this morning, and I mean this by own standards. I normally work the dream shift of 12pm-8pm, but I had a meeting scheduled at 9am. I was five minutes early to work, and not to my surprise, the meeting didn’t occur. I’m sure it will happen next Thursday. […]

the buffiends vs. the mother pluckers

This title of this post is irrelevant to what you’re about to read. I had it saved as a draft but never got around to writing it. We’re probably gonna hit up the Chinese buffet this weekend, and we will be attending Pluckers this upcoming Tuesday, so maybe I can feel inspired to write the […]

the t.g.t.f. part deuce

Thank Goodness Tomorrow’s Friday. Oh, what a week. Work managed to consume me. For a while, I enjoyed that I could conquer the challenges that I encountered at work. This week has been overwhelming, and I have felt drained these past couple days. Yesterday, I was so drained that I didn’t even feel like doing […]

the t.g.t.f.

Thank Goodness Tomorrow’s Friday. I’m looking forward to going to Stubb’s after work to see one of my all-time favorite bands NOFX. The word through the grapevine is that they’re playing The Decline in its entirety. It’s 18+ minutes of one hell of an awesome song. I hope this rumor’s true, and that they play […]

the ultra-busy

Today was one of those days at work when the work starts as soon as I clocked in and wasn’t going to end for another eight hours. As much as I get to sit down at a computer and do my job, my head still feels worn out at the end of the day. Neil […]

the case of the mondays

I’m approaching the final hour of the day as I start this post. I definitely had the case of the Mondays. The day went by quick, but it almost felt everything was in disarray at work. I stayed busy as usual, but I wasn’t able to finish everything I planned for the day for once. […]