the thriving chaos

I work in a processing matrix. Today, one of my managers was going to be showing up to work late, and I was chosen to take his place to interview a potential director of operations. This is the revamped position for the operations manager which has had four different people employed as in the past nineteen months I’ve been employed at the company.

I think the reason is that everyone who has come along lately has tried to dramatically change the chaos we live in. Basically, when they take on the job, they are sucked into a vortex that they have to accustom themselves to or otherwise suffer ’til they implode.

Whenever that position opens, I feel bad for the next person who has the nerve to attempt to take on the job. I don’t see them lasting long. Metaphorically speaking, the last one that came along tried to implement changes and was only successful enough to get the house cleaned but not the furniture moved in.

Fortunately, the other interviewers had taken him to lunch, and they ran into my time which was then going to run into the GM’s time. I was off the hook, but quite honestly, I’ve never had to really interview someone for a job. I was looking forward to it but felt obligated that I had to do it.

I did review his résumé. The position required someone to have 8+ years of experience in management or something of that sort. This guy had 20 years, so it was interesting what someone with 20 years of experience in a related field had for a résumé. Apart from not understanding the general rules of a résumé (it was four pages long), it was somewhat impressive.

In a later meeting that I have with a team I meet with daily, they said they didn’t really like him, and I could kind of see that just reading his résumé. The résumé reflected experience, but the small details that stood out just made it seem too “cookie cutter.” I know you have to make an ideal fabrication of yourself to appear suited for a job, but if you have over 20 years of work experience, then I’d think your résumé would follow the basic rules of résumé-writing as well as a layout made to impress.

I’m done ranting about that. I think tonight’s movie is going to be King of California. Mr. & Mrs. Smith was an enjoyable watch but not meant to be taken too seriously. I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Peace out.

the machinehead

After a relaxing weekend, Monday has returned which signals the start of another 40-hour work week for this guy.

On the drive home tonight with White Pony by Deftones blaring out of my system, I realized that I am on my way to your run-of-the-mill guy who works to pay the bills and afford the finer things in life.

Life isn’t as fun as it used to be. I guess you could say I’ve grown up some and still have some more to go. I do realize that my life has become more repetitive than ever, and that’s OK.

I treasure my weekends. I do my best to do a good job at work. I’m grateful for everything I have in life, and I work to earn more.

I was once a pizza boy but have gone the way of the corporate cog. I am fine with knowing that my employment is stable and that I serve a purpose in the company I work for. I love the hours I work. I love facing the challenges and conquering the obstacles I’m given.

I don’t mind going to work.

That’s my rant for today. Mare & I are having breakfast for dinner, and it’s gonna be delicious. Peace out.

the thumbs twiddle

I am still waiting for my site’s control panel to be accessible again. It was up when I checked before work, but I didn’t have the time to do the deed.

Tomorrow will be my last day of work for the year. Holiday pay and a three-day department shutdown will give me an eleven-day vacation.

I’d like to use this much-needed break to my advantage, but I don’t see that happening. I see myself being bored (for once), staying up too late and sleeping in.

A tentative plan is to visit family in Corpus with my mom and my bro. I hope that goes through. I also plan on catching up on some reading. I have this habit of buying books and letting them sit around for months and months before I read them (with the exception of comics of course).

Work will probably be painfully slow and unproductive tomorrow. Eight more hours to go. Tonight, I will check my host’s neglect and hopefully get this site moved later tonight. I’m planning for 12/21 ’cause the date’s a palindrome. Nerdy, I know.

Like everyone else who isn’t easily bored, I always wish I had more time. Now I’m getting it next week and it’s gonna be sweet. A plethora of posting on its way? Perhaps. Peace out.

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the wednesday shattered

I haven’t been posting personal stuff on here lately, so I felt like it was time for a little bit of that.

I went by the apartment that Wednesday: The Gathering takes place with my plastic box that holds a bunch of assorted dice and my deck boxes filled with cards under my arm and a twelve-pack of beer in my hand. I should have called around eleven when everyone who usually attends gets out of work, but I didn’t. I mentioned that I may attend tonight, but the turnout hasn’t been great lately. I haven’t been in the past couple weeks for various reasons. A couple regulars switched shifts, and you can also include myself in the schedule-type change.

I knocked on the door. I noticed the light in the kitchen wasn’t on, and one of the tenant’s vehicles wasn’t in the parking lot. I didn’t wait long for someone to answer. The door is usually opened within seconds. I went back down the stairs and went back home.

You can almost call it a tradition that has quickly died. We do see each other at work and on the weekends, and that does seem sufficient. Maybe everyone got burnt out on playing so often. I feel for everyone who invested so much time and money into the game. We won’t stop playing. Maybe just on Wednesday nights.

I was promoted at work. I do so much more work than ever before. I have so many more responsibilities than ever before. I fall somewhere in that middle management category. I’m not responsible for managing employees, but I am responsible for managing workflow which is directly influenced by production. I work for a corporate company tied to big names in the industry, therefore corporate politics are always involved. I hear things I never want to repeat to the affected parties. It doesn’t bother me at all, but the truth can really hurt… especially when people think selfishly and irrationally.

I am destined for a cubicle, and I think it’s neat. I enjoy the challenges I face and providing solutions in overcoming them. I feel I am well-qualified for the position I have taken, and I’m sure the parties who granted me the position and the parties who turn to me more than ever now think the same.

Let’s face it. When I was at the bottom of the barrel, in “The Pit” as it’s been called at times in my workplace, it was a piece of cake. I earned enough to get by and lived well for where I am in life. Eventually, like anything that lacks difficulty, it became stale. I see those still where I was day in and day out pulling their hair out when the work has run dry looking for new ways to slack off. They just don’t realize. The system’s evolved. What may have seemed like a lot of work was actually a lot of busy work that’s mostly going to be flushed down the drain. That’s how revisions work. Maybe restructuring isn’t being done on an employee level but it has been done on a process level, and the effects can be see across the board.

I can talk about work all day, but I try to avoid it. I spend eight hours of my day doing it and don’t need to carry it over into my own time.

In other news, this creation of mine (Modern Soapbox – maybe you’ve heard of it) will be switching to a new host very soon. I am tired of the headaches that the current host causes, and its unreliability lately has been very unacceptable. Traffic to this site has increased greatly in the past few months, and I can’t afford to be hosted by a company with an absurd amount of downtime and way too many loose ends.

Expect the switch this month. As soon as I can get to the front-end (which is absolutely ridiculous that I can’t) and generate a complete backup, then a moving this will do.

The ‘Za of the Week will be posted as soon as I can upload the pics. Absolutely ridiculous, right? Peace out.

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the selfish & apathetic

Before I start this post, I’d like to wish my brother Neil a very Happy 24th Birthday!

I know it’s almost eight in the morning. I woke up to the theme song of My So-Called Life on repeat since the Play All function did its round and returned to the DVD menu screen.

Here are some more Pumpkin seeds until I get it all out of my system:

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

Photo by Flickr’s kirsch

& the setlist from this show c/o MySpace’s Chavo:

Set list for Austin: United States, Bullet, Drown, Bring the Light, Tonight, Tarantula, Starla, Hummer, 1979(solo acoustic), Perfect (acoustic), Today, Stand Inside Your Love, Zero, Pomp and Circumstances, Superchrist, Doomsday Clock, Heavy Metal Machine, 1st encore: Cherub Rock, Lucky 13 2nd encore: I Only Play For Money (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Taxman (Jimmy Flemion on lead, Billy on bass), Disarm

Tonight, I will be attending the soul doubt Thrice & Brand New show at Stubb’s. Mewithoutyou will be the opening act, but I don’t care too much about them. Mare said Brand New is scheduled to go on at 10pm which from my recent concert experience I believe, so I’m sacrificing a piece of my paycheck and only attending a half-day of work today. That should go by quick and then hooray! the weekend!

I logged into MySpace for the first time in probably a month. I clickt thru my tiny social networking vortex reading bulletins and checking out updates. Things to keep in mind: Alk3’s Goddamnit redux has a scheduled release date of March 2008. Nerf Herder is still together, and they have a new record planned for release early next year.

The biggest catch-up that I didn’t get a chance to finish ’cause it inspired to post these exact words you are reading now is reading the blogs that matter to me. Oh, the negativity that surfaces from these digital journals! Anyway, I’ve been a bit selfish just composing my shit for a blog and haven’t been reading all of yours. I’ll catch up soon. I promise.

And for the apathy: I blame this routine of a life I have. Yes… yes, I do. I’m content. I don’t think about too much, and I’m not going to change much unless I absolutely must.

My weekdays are filled with staying up super late, waking up with just enough time to check back into reality and get ready for work and the same ol’ eight-hour drawl in a room full of people absolutely bored out of their minds and constantly bitching to themselves when they aren’t immersed in: Wikipedia, Google Video, comfort conversations, 25¢ snacks, or actual work for once. Sacrificing your priceless time for a measly paycheck. It’s worth it, right? Yes… yes, it is.

And for the conclusion: I’ve slowly been working thru watching Jesus’ Son. I’m enjoying it, but I keep falling asleep before it’s over, so I just retrace where I left off and continue the movie. I think I’m near the end, so this cool Friday morning may be the day I witness the credits roll. Peace out.

the days go by

Wednesday is already here. In about 24 hours from now, I will probably be getting schooled at Magic. Wish me luck. Thursday follows then Payday then the much-awaited weekend.

Work has been uneventful. The whole system has been routine lately. I wake up, get ready for work, attend work, go home, repeat (except for Wednesday: The Gathering and Bustaburger Nite.)

This weekend will be the last weekend until the last weekend of October when I am not doing something wedding-related. That last weekend will encapsulate the annual Halloween party at the Benchmark which I will be attending.

Time is flying by quick. Only a few months remain in 2007. Where did all the time go? I keep asking myself that. I keep wondering where my direction is going and if it exists. I sit in comfort wondering yet I know I am capable of more. Will anything unfold soon? Will I let it?

Tonight, I will tweak my deck some for tomorrow ’cause I look forward to it. Cheesy bread, booze and spells equals a good time.

This ramble ends here: Peace out.

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the scatterpost

The end of the month has finally here. This week has been a little busier than usual. Let’s recap.

Sunday: Dinner with the family that involved a long discussion about the plans for October. I’m sure I’ll go into detail here in the near future.

Monday: The work week begins. The day is usual, but the main plan for the nite is to help a friend order parts for a computer we’re going to build. This takes a few hours.

Tuesday: Plans for the night aren’t set, but with this, I finally get around to enhancing Joe’s TPV site to fulfill his requests. This takes me four or five hours ’cause I’m slow like that and can work at any pace I please.

Wednesday: Tuesday: The Gathering was moved to this night. After work, I enjoy a delicious dinner with Mare and make cheese bread for the group. We show up at The Gathering around a quarter ’til one. We play ’til almost five in the mourning. A close friend’s loved one passes away earlier that day.

Thursday: The supervisor was out today, so I had to fill his shoes today. Plans to have dinner with my siblings were moved to this day, because The Gathering day was changed. We enjoy a tasty pasta dinner made by Mare and play a round of Scrabble. I spend the rest of night chatting with Mare and K$.

Friday: This day is here, and I’m still in the night mentioned above. I’m typing this right now, and the sun is wiping the sleep out of its eyes oh so slowly. One of my favorite Lennon songs, Oh Yoko!, is playing on my tiny notebook speakers. The plan for tonight is a Bustaburger. The BBO shipment was delayed, but I’m hoping a disc or two or maybe all of them arrive today so Mare and I don’t just have ‘burger’ with no ‘Busta.’

Today is also paynight. I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend ahead. Holiday pay is sweet.

My new motto for being an employee or just working somewhere is: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I am a strong believer in karma. When you mess with a system, then it will mess with you. I’m really getting tired of witnessing people make a mockery of the department I work in, and I am slowly but surely putting the pressure on. Most of them won’t be happy, but the vacation will be coming to an end.

I look at it this way: This company is helping you survive get by financially. Show respect and appreciation by earning your way and pulling your weight. Again: “If you’re not going to work, then don’t work here.”

I’m sure most of them show up just for the check. If they don’t like working for this company, then I’m sure they can find somewhere else to waste their time. I think they just stay for comfort and apathy. Anger won’t solve their problems, and they’ve already dug their graves. “I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did.” they may say. Inside, I snicker.

I will be attending a service on Saturday morning for my friend’s father’s passing.

My father is coming home, so I’m sure I’ll be seeing him on Labor Day.

I still have to prepare the rent check to drop off tomorrow before work. I’m usually early with it, but I was swamped this week.

I really enjoy when I just work my eight hours, do next to nothing at night/have no obligations at that time, and repeat this process. This week felt like I was working the forty plus a part-time, or I could look at it like I had appointments after work every day this weekend. I’m glad I was still able to enjoy most of my early morning hours along with sleeping in.

Peace out.

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