the back to school flash drive sale |

When I was growing up, computers weren’t really a mainstay in grade school. We had a computer lab where we would play Oregon Trail and other assorted educational games stored on 5¼” floppy disks. We’d use Big Chief paper in the earlier years to write sentences and wide-ruled paper to write essays in the latter years. Junior high was when I first remember typing papers on a computer and printing them out on a dot matrix printer to turn in for a grade.

Today, the kids and computers have collided to make modern technology necessary in the current educational institution. Everything from educational software to word-processing programs have become much more advanced in the past ten years. Who knows how teaching would have evolved if it wasn’t for computers teaching the today’s teachers now teaching today’s youth.

Data storage has also changed from floppy disks to Zip disks to writable compact discs to now flash drives. One flash drive can last a student his entire grade school career. SanDisk has a 4GB solution on sale for only $9. Add flash drives to your children’s school supply list because they’ll need something to store all of the papers they write and projects they work on. The Back To School sale is in full swing, and the best prices on technology are going on right now.

the psyche rummage

This is my last Monday before I take on sixteen weeks of a computer-immersed all-day nightmare buffet. Anything productive I do except read comics involves the machines that coexist with us every single second we spend in this parallel. We easily spot those notebooks with those square buttons and flat squares that glow and those boxes that hum with wires attached to another glowing square, but how about all the little ones in appliances and other electronic devices? I don’t have the energy to really get into it. Bedtime.

I’m watching Hard Candy. I remember this movie being a dialog-driven situational mindf–k, and it’s getting that way as this is being typed in another window on the same screen ’cause the JW199D pwnz.

I’ve been doing more relaxing than usual these past couple weeks, but that only means I’ve only left slightly bigger gaps in the whole to-do. I look forward to the next learning phase in the Fall, the second to the last, the heart of what I need to move forward along in my career path (and hopefully some better weather alongside).

The point in my life where I have an idea of what I’m going to do with myself is closer than ever. That happier repetition is just around the corner. A little more mini-golf, a continued indulgence in Texas BBQ and chicken wings, the growth of what has already been going on for decades now: my abstract? Ellen Page’s teenage character in Hard Candy has gone berserk on the guy tied to the chair, and he’s screaming for help.

When I punch the keys, I’m working. Makin’ it rain… peanuts. Actually, it’s much better than I expected ’cause the 4th anniversary of this psyche rummage is next week. Ha! Peace out.

the freedom of wireless for desktop computers |

Why run wires throughout your household when all of your computers can have benefit from the freedom of wireless networking? TRENDnet is a company popularized by their networking solutions. I have used is the only USB network adapters that turns a USB port into an RJ-45 jack that I am aware of.

For desktops, they have a wireless PCI adapter that has Wireless N capabilities. Data transfer is just as fast as using the usual home-grade network cables and wired interfaces. Installing and running a wired network in a multi-story house can be a headache and with this technology, completely unnecessary.

If you still like the feel of a bulky box with a large LCD display, keyboard, optical mouse, and a bomb stereo system to output your beats, then the last thing you need to bother with is a cable to attach the machine to the network for online access. These PCI adapters are reliable pieces of hardware that will make your humble abode look less “techie” and more like a home.

Anyone who is still using a desktop PC or Mac that they have owned for a handful of years most likely does not have this fast wireless capability. If you have thought of getting rid of the wires, then consider investing a twenty spot on this sale item. The low price of $20 beats the competition who have this same adapter priced at over $10 more. Save yourself the dough.

the scramble for netbooks under $200 |

Two words: Hurry. Up.

The Netbooks Under $200 sale is back with limited stock, and students going back to school are about to buy them all up. These popular machines do everything smartphones can and then some.

If you can run all of your day-to-day online and other computer-related activities with a hand-held device, then bravo. Consider yourself special. The majority of us caught in the interweb need a notebook computer or desktop setup to fulfill our complete computing experience.

This is a decent set of hardware for a couple hundred bucks: an Intel mobile processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, 10.1″ screen, a near standard-sized keyboard, and wireless capabilities. You paid how much for that pop tart you beat with your thumbs all day? Can it run Adobe Creative Suite? Microsoft Office?

Most people that rely on a computer to complete their life benefit from owning a netbook. A dilemma that often arises requiring access to a popular search engine can always be solved with flipping open a Eee PC and accessing the internet faster and more dependable than their pocket-sized cousins that clog up exclusive, often-congested networks.

Smart shoppers needing their netbook fix will have already jumped on these puppies before you started reading this. The Eee PC netbook series has remained a top seller in the mobile computing department. The geek chic emanates from sporting a netbook is a symbol of the technology surrounding us today. [:ha:]

the rill quik

After this, I will be reviewing study guides for an exam that I am taking tomorrow afternoon.

After that exam, I will be cramming another study guide for the exam in my other class on Wednesday evening. Fortunately, this exam allows two double-sided pages of notes. I would be doomed otherwise.

The completion of that exam will conclude my summer session.

Mary and Max (IMDb 8.3/10 9,403 votes) is a movie well worth viewing. The fusion of high-quality claymation and a thought-provoking story made it a very interesting film. The way it plays out threw me for a whirl. I enjoy movies that do that to me and make a good impression on my movie memory bank.

the $18 100 pack dvd+r spindle |

Do you needs terabytes of data stored in an inexpensive and consistent manner? DVD+R backups are one of the easiest solutions for backing up large amounts of data. Using CD-R media may be insufficient in regards to the time necessary to create the backups and the storage capacity of the discs.

Whether you have DVD ISO files that need to be stored in another location or an immense amount of data that is constantly updated and requires regular backups, a 100 pack spindle of DVD+R media is probably the least expensive, most portable, and most compatible way of transporting data other than beaming the ones and zeroes over a secure network.

Imagine this scenario. A flood destroys your computer equipment, and the only backups you kept were on magnetic hard drives. The water wets their moving parts and short circuits the device. The data can only be restored by sending it to a data recovery lab, and that is probably more than you’d want to spend unless you have irreplaceable data that absolutely must be recovered.

If this data was routinely backed up onto DVD+R media on sale for $18, then the water-resistant, non-magnetic material that comprises this physical storage could have provided a harder, better, faster, and stronger backup solution if an offsite data center wasn’t already established.

<a title=”Memorex 16x DVD+R Media” href=”” target=”_blank”>

the cherenkov effect

This is a week to be overdriven. A learning experience is zoned in on upcoming exams and project deadlines. Tonight will be most focused on making progress on what was technically fallen behind on. The escalated stress level was kept dismissed for weeks and then absorbed like a life force of its own right about now. That’s what occupies a week day in and day out until the week is restarted for another seven-day adventure.

Naps double the week. The morning to mid-afternoon segment is spent as devotion to day job monotony. The evenings are spent as a pupil of an educational institution to apply more brightness and contrast to a future around the corner. A short night of sleep restarts the cycle and wedged in the possible voids are couch potatoes, rarely seen social butterflies, and human-machine symbiosis.