the cordless revolution

Connecting to the World Wide Web using a wireless connection is all the rage these days. Always on the go with smartphones and touchscreens within reach is what America’s society grasps as one of the preferred forms of efficient time management. Communication is more convenient with the absence of wires, so consider the way your workstation and desk area are set up. Do wires disturb your workspace?

Maybe a hardware upgrade is coming soon if you don’t already use a cordless keyboard and mouse to manage your daily computing intake. Optimize your physical desk space and save yourself the headache of untangling wires to keep your area tidy. Logitech offers a classy option to cordless freedom with their MX 5500 now on sale. This cordless set up utilizes Bluetooth technology and maintains connectivity from up to 30 feet.

Imagine relaxing on the couch and surfing the web on your HDTV. You wouldn’t want wires getting in the way of your lounging experience. The sleek design of the Logitech keyboard and mouse and all of the bells and whistles to make it worth your while is contained in this package waiting to excite you. If you’re in the market to upgrade your current mouse and keyboard, then consider settling on a Logitech solution.

the txdot click it or ticket radio jingle (2010)

Everyone driving on Texas roads must obey a new law went into effect  requiring all passengers in a vehicle to buckle up.

This jingle surfaced in April and currently plays across Texan radio airwaves:

<[ Push the French onion green play button! ]>

Texas Department of Transportation
Violation Citation

_____________~* SONG LYRICS *~_____________

Violation Citation

Put your seatbelt on. Strap yourself in.
Buckle up tight when you go for a spin.

No matter where you drive. If it’s near or far,
Buckle up all the riders in your car.

‘Cause it’s the law and if you’re in violation,
An officer will be right there to give you a citation.

Yes, they’re stepping up enforcement,
Sending out more police,
‘Cause Texas wants you in one piece.

Put your seatbelt on. Strap yourself in.
Buckle up tight when you go for a spin.

(A new state laws says everyone in a vehicle has to buckle up. That means passengers in the front and back seats can be fined for not wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts save lives, and they can also save you from an expensive ticket. Click it or ticket. It’s your choice. You pick.)

When you go for a spin.

(Brought to you by the Texas Department of Transportation)

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For those of you who lack Flash support on your browser (or just want your own copy) can click the MP3 icon to download it to your computer.


The Texas Click It or Ticket campaign’s home page is located at this link. More jingles and other campaign materials can be found at the Click It or Ticket page on TxDOT’s website.

the logitech harmony universal remote (price drop)

You may have seen the commercials with the old geezer reading a list and staring at his remote control trying to use his entertainment center. As your living room electronics setup evolves, the number of remote controls increases as new units are added to enhance the audio/visual experience.

Logitech makes enjoying your entertainment center much easier with their  series of modern universal remotes. Replace up to five remotes with a Harmony universal remote. These remotes support 225,000 devices and 5,000 brands. Chances are that if you need a remote to use it, a Logitech universal remote can be programmed to use it.

The universal remotes of yesteryear all had their limitations. Maybe all of the necessary keys are not available or the device you own isn’t supported. With a Logitech remote, you won’t have to deal with these issues if you’ve decided that you’d rather use one remote to control five devices instead having one for each. Save yourself the trouble of rummaging through your remote collection and consolidate them into a Logitech universal remote.

I was curious how much one of these remotes cost, so I browsed the selection at my local electronics store. To my surprise, they carried models that ran upwards to $200! The Logitech Harmony 610 universal remote is now on sale for under $50 with free shipping. Invest in one now ’cause they’re going to sell out quick at this price. Father’s Day is around the corner, and this is the perfect gift for Dad.

the luther in austin

We affectionately refer to this magnificent combination of meat, cheese, and donut as a “Luther” after the hilarious episode of The Boondocks where the community becomes hooked on burgers made with a sliced donut used as a bun.

The Morning X recently had the owners of The Trailer at Gibson on as guests to showcase their Trailer Burger, which they claimed was inspired from an episode of Man v. Food.

They’re currently holding the Texas Size Trailer Burger Challenge: “The Texas Size Trailer Burger is 6 1/4-pound Burgers seared to perfection, topped with 12 slices of American/ Swiss Cheese & 6 slices of Crispy Bacon. Sandwiched between a toasted World Famous Texas Size round Rock Donut.” Jeez! That’s one hell of a gut bomb.

I have yet to try the Trailer burger, but I’m sure I’ll be impressed once I do. Just by gazing into the photo’s allure, my mouth waters for this omnipotent fusion of sweet and savory juxtaposed with the right kind of crunch and necessary grease. I’ll write a real review after one of these forces to be reckoned with if I’m not overwhelmed with the itis. Peace out.

the 30gb solid state drive for under $80

Kingston is well-known for their high-quality memory solutions, and their solid state drives are no exception. This newer design in permanent storage is becoming mainstream in mobile computing replacing the traditional hard drive.

With no moving mechanical parts and a SATA interface, SSDNow drives provide faster and more reliable data transfer. They also use less energy and create less noise and heat making them a greener solution in storage. The shock resistance makes them more reliable and longer lasting than standard hard drives.

For new technology and enough disk space for your operating system and application software, this is a great deal for any computer that supports SATA and could use a boost in performance. Drive failure is unacceptable. With a life expectancy of 500,000 hours mean time before failure, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your data will be around for the life of your computer or even longer.

Included in this bundle are the cables, the solid state drive, mounting brackets for desktops, and software to transfer data from your existing hard drive quickly and easily. This drive also comes with a 3-year warranty. They’re currently on sale for $103 but include a $30 rebate + free shipping dropping the total price to under $80. Place your order now because they will sell out at this price.

the golden ratio

My first semester back in school after a very long time has finally concluded, and this is the first week since Spring Break that I’ll be mostly free to do what I want to do with my time after work. What am I going to do? Play catch-up, of course.

With my weekdays spent working in the morning into the afternoon and attending class in the evenings, I could only look forward to the weekends to catch up on life, sleep, and everything else in-between that keeps me occupied and happy. With the semester over and a couple weeks before the next round, I can get a few projects already in the works to sync up with my continued quest for education and workaholicism.

I met my goddaughter for the first time over the weekend. She is beautiful, intelligent, and amuses me effortlessly. I’m usually annoyed when people say their infants are smart, because I’m under the impression that most of their behavior is based on their innate abilities as a human being, but I’m going to be biased with this one in particular for the obvious.

This girl has an interesting sense of awareness. She’ll pretend to be asleep, but you can tell she’s paying close attention to every little sound going on around her. She seems so aware when she opens her eyes, and she’ll make you smile when she peeks out of one eye to see what’s going on. She has positive energy radiating from her, and I’m honored to be her godfather.

This post ends here ’cause my bedtime is around the corner. Efficiently prioritizing based on the importance of the bigger picture and not what you think is important is what I’ve learned to be one of the keys to gaining a higher quality of happiness. Peace out.

the samsung led hdtv price drop

The time has arrived when the older TV models go on sale to make room for the newer models. Samsung unveiled their LED TV a couple years ago with a hefty price tag attached. With the 3D models being the hot items right now, finding a 1080p LED HDTV for an irresistible price is only getting easier.

You can get a Samsung 46″ LED HDTV for about $1350 these days. These beautiful screens have everything you need for a true HD experience. Gear up for today’s standard in a visual experience that will leave you wondering why you didn’t throw out your old box sooner.

Add a Blu-ray player to the mix and enjoy the best picture ever delivered on a scratch-resistant disc. Blu-ray discs have dropped in price as well, so you know they’re pushing those dusty DVDs out of the way. Also in the running is streaming movies over the internet in high-definition. If you love chillaxing on the couch to the friendly glow of a TV staring back, then you have no reason to own an LED TV.

Free up some floor space with the slim design and make the most out of a media center with the large display. If you’re spending any more than $1500 on an HDTV that isn’t an LED TV, then you’re spending too much and should rethink your purchase decision.