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the 4gb mp3 player for only $20

I use a similar music-listening device  like this at the office every weekday. Very lightweight and portable, these MP3/WMA players are ideal for anyone seeking portability. The robust clip keeps the device from shifting around, and the easy-to-use controls make the listening experience that much better.
4GB of disk space provides a decent amount of storage […]

the philips lcd tv for under $200

For anyone without much room for a big screen LCD TV can consider the Philips 19-inch 720p LCD TV. This LCD TV will fit perfectly on most desktops and can serve as a PC monitor. Two HDMI inputs provide digital clarity when an HDMI device such as a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3 is […]

the asus eee netbook for around $200

Another Asus Eee PC netbook sale has surfaced from and you’ll probably be out of luck getting your hands on one if you don’t act quick. The Eee PC has gone through revisions that have made it one of the most popular netbooks on the market.
With the Intel Atom processor, battery life is more […]

the microsoft zune for about $80

If you aren’t listening to your music on a regular basis with an MP3 player, then you belong with the dinosaurs. Lose the Walkman. CD players are so passé. Cassette decks belong in landfills.
MP3 players are pocket-friendly and hold more songs than any other music devices. They’re very affordable as well. You can find a […]

the samsung lcd hdtv for under $400

With CRT televisions finding themselves in landfills and the HD revolution grabbing the reigns of the mainstream, the time has arrived to upgrade to the latest and greatest in audio-visual entertainment by investing in an LCD TV. Sure, these magnificent devices used to cost an arm and a leg when they first surfaced, but now […]

the importance of insurance

Living life in a metropolis without insurance is like waiting for a bomb to go off but you don’t know when. Accidents happen all the time, so having insurance is necessary. Searching for the best auto insurance quotes can be tedious but  finding the most for your money should be a priority in these tough […]

the human obsession over looks

Women tend to obsess over looks, but hey, that’s OK with me. That’s why they’re attractive. Contrary to most animals like butterflies and birds, female humans have switched roles with their male counterparts in looking good to attract attention.
Looking good involves an outfit that matches from head to toe. Fashion has evolved over time, but […]