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the gold coast

Brisbane, Australia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination for many Americans. Because it is part of the Anglosphere, it is ideal for the lack of a language barrier that many American face when traveling out of the country. It is located on the Eastern Coast on the Brisbane River. Because the exchange rate to the Australian dollar favors Americans, it would be easy to find a cheap Brisbane accommodation.

Brisbane is known for having a diverse culture, with over 200 countries represented in it's population. It is home to a vibrant live music scene as well as Riverfest, which celebrates the Brisbane River. It would be beneficial as a tourist to stay at one of the hotels in Brisbane close to South Bank Parklands, where the festival is held.

Brisbane is also in proximity to Gold Coast City , Australia. Gold Coast City is known for its pleasant sub-tropical climate and fantastic surfing beaches. A Gold Coast accomodation would be ideal for the avid beach-goer or watersports enthusiast.